GLASS – Reusable/Refillable – RX Bottles

GLASS Reusable/RefillableRX Bottles

Most Americans use a variety of plastic medicine bottles – Pharmacies use MILLIONS upon Millions a year … and we, mostly – just throw them away.

I understand many folks [like me] reuse, repurpose – but even so – eventually – they land up in landfill or oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams.

Why not use small, reusable, glass bottles?

Such bottles can be of various sizes, returned, sterilized, and [in the real sense of the word] Re-Filled! If people need further incentive – add a five cent deposit!

This is just a small, and simple notion – but I believe it is the way our society needs to think – moving into the future. I don’t want my Old Rx Bottles winding up in the stomach of a whale, or floating in a pile of plastic trash – in the ocean – the size of NYS.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .