Why Not Change The World? (or, at least, the south American continent… .)

Why Not Change The World? (or, at least, the south American continent… .)

I understand it sounds naive, but if only some leaders would emerge in the countries where all these strong, young, determined men and women are fleeing from (south American countries)… and unite them – they, and hundreds of thousands more, can build their own half of the American Continent! [North and South …]

Why not build South America into a country as strong and inviting as North America?

I watch this caravan in the news and can’t help wondering ….

Why doesn’t the US work to nudge such notions along … support efforts to lead all these people to build another (their own) great country?


Just a thought …


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

A Judeo Christian Country – A point that, more and more, needs to be echoed –


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T-shirts saying ‘stand for the flag, kneel for the cross’ draw protest at school.”

As I read the headlines and listen to the news, I believe a point that, more and more, needs to be echoed is this:

This is a Christian Nation, founded on Judeo Christian Ideals and Biblical Principles and Laws. It was founded as such a nation [under God] and such is so declared in laws, and spirit of the laws. We are a Nation Under God. WE [The People – The Judeo Christian People] opened our hearts to all creeds and religions out of our Love [as a Christian and Jewish People] and a history of our own religious persecution. [I’ll be money they are not teaching THAT in grade schools].

No one ever imagined that one day we might need to defend that same notion against a growing group that wants to change our Nation, our History, and our Future. We just didn’t think it could happen in our wildest nightmares. It is happening though … and this is [I’m Just Sayin’ … .] my own small way of trying to share little pieces of truth I know …

I can only pray that the loud blasting horns of the Anti God Lobby – [trumpeted on the some large media sites, news shows, tv shows] are just AMPLIFYING the voices of a fewin an attempt to have them sound like many.

I won’t go on a rant as to how some leaders have practically partnered with dangerous groups and powers that be – whom are bent on stealing our country right from under God, the flag, and its people. God fearing, hard working, law respecting, abiding, people who are loving, compassionate, Americans.

Harsh words, but my contentions are true. It is to troubling to me, that my belief in God and declaring the real origins of this great country makes me a out to be a ‘nut’ in the eyes of too many people; and wise in the eyes of not enough people.

I’m just sayin’ … .

Here is the story that prompted my thoughts: You would be hard-pressed to find anybody in Dodge County, Georgia who does not stand for the national anthem or take a knee to pray. That’s just how it is. https://fxn.ws/2BkN3ga

An Absolutely Revolutionary Proposal

Subject: A New Paradigm – Partners – in a Newly Structured Socio-Economic Framework

Our socio-economic model of how a family spends its time and meets its needs – really – is terribly outdated and out of whack!

No wonder the divorce rate has skyrocketed and our children are more and more withdrawn … . Consider these numbers:


In a typical nuclear family

A man works 40 – 80+ hours – outside the home, buried under stress;

A woman works 40 – 80+ Hours in and outside the home.

Each become isolated in their roles …  their lives get out of sync

… all these converging forces (and more) have worked to sink the family unit.

Divorce, and worse, has spread like cancers across the country.


That gives way to a broken system – not marriage, it is not broken, nor is the concept of the natural family unit …but the entire socio- economic paradigm of old is broken and it has beaten down the natural family like a hammer.


I have a suggestion … .


A New Paradigm – Partners – in a Newly Structured Socio-Economic Framework


Our economy no longer needs a man or woman at work for  8-12 hours a day and 5,6, & 7 days a week. That schedule is pure greed and nonsense – it was a result of unique economic times that no longer exist. A man, in the right economy, ought to easily earn enough dollars to support a family, and plan for the future – with decreased hours on the job [whatever the job is] … . Period.


Let’s move to half those hours, half those days … and let people live their lives!


This simple, possible, change will allow for men to turn greatly needed mental and physical energies – toward their family, their wives, and children. I cannot see how any thinking man or woman in the 21st century would not agree and support this notion.


Plus, it can be structured so that ‘business’ doesn’t take too big a ‘hit’ in profit; productivity can remain high. It’s really a practical and plausible idea.


It won’t change the world, but it seems wise to provide the means for a man to be more of a partner in the fullness of his family – not just a ‘bread winner’; a new paradigm [even if you don’t like my example] can allow men to invest so much more time in their families!


Clearly, some have lost sight of the value, for all society, of the family in the normal and traditional sense; after all, it did build this country [and most of the world].


Men and women no longer need to work sun up to sun down to feed their family; it’s just a fact [here in the U.S.].


So, I believe there is great benefit for our Country in taking a step back to re-examine our needs verses our values in this new world, and recognize that we can greatly benefit from rebuilding, strengthening, the nuclear family.


It’s time to allow husbands and wives  – the time – to be better parents, and the children to experience that blessing …  it’s time to allow (again) women the time to be better wives and mothers … for men to be better husbands and fathers – … it’s time to strengthen the most important and precious miracles we have in this world – our families.


The rest will fall into place.

I’m just sayin’ … .


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                I believe that a willingness to work to make a difference (in good and positive ways) – makes the world a better place.

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                Regardless of our beliefs in the sense of the ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ politic – we of both those political persuasions – need to find our way toward fundamental understandings on both sides and meet somewhere in the middle – or we’re going to lose our country to caricatures and chaos.

                It really is time to heal this country [and others] and I invite you each to be a part of that process.

                I’m Just Sayin’ … .