What I have to say … doesn’t matter.

Why No Posts?

In these noisy, chaotic, times – I believe – even I know for sure – we [as individuals] need to hear from God; we need to quiet our minds, quiet our souls, pray … and LISTEN to know what your Heavenly Father has for you to do.

Ask for Wisdom in humble prayer, listen … and you shall receive it.

What I have to say … doesn’t matter.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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THIS IS ABOUT ABORTION (and, so much more)

Federal Judge Critical of Chief Justice John Roberts.

I take exception to all the hyperbole and awfully slanted words the main stream media [all of them] choose for their ‘headlines’. So, I don’t like the headlines’ chosen word – “Blasts” – but never the less – the content is of great interest to me. Because …THIS IS ABOUT ABORTION:

Disorder in the courts: Federal judge blasts Chief Justice John Roberts

And, as the pendulum begins to swing toward understanding that abortions are The Taking of a LIFE [ practicing what I say – could have chosen other words] – and, ‘it’ – i.e.  the Law of The Land-  may finally be righted – these characters (the opposition) are (even more) out of control [C Schumer NY] and now this federal judge seriously charging that the Supreme Court is “actively participating in undermining American democracy”.

Forgive me, and I sure may be wrong … but this and other reasons/examples like it – are why America needed [even a flawed] man like Donald Trump. Whatever his motivations are, or were – he has  saved Religious Freedoms, Right to Worship, Right to Life, Right to Speak … as we welcome God back into our classrooms and the town square! Soon, again, in Universities, and more.

I know God chooses whom He will and can use any flawed person to do His Will. People grow; people [can] change.

As this country again begins to recognize and embrace its Origins, its Greatness – this Opposition is going to go off the rails.

Question everything – in which the driving force might be to turn this long awaited tide; don’t be easily fooled or misled; pray for wisdom and you will receive it.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is a link to the story that prompted my remarks:

A federal judge leveled harsh accusations against Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of the conservative majority, claiming that they are “actively participating in undermining American democracy.” https://fxn.ws/3aPPynM

I’m Just Sayin’ … . / World Wide Mission

This site – currently associated with “I’m Just Sayin’ … .” will take on an older notion of mine – which I had dubbed at the time … World Wide Mission. This piece is my first effort toward this transition. I invite you to return from time to time and see the changes. I aim, after all, for it to be consistent with my own Progression while remaining relevant to the ever growing, ever changing, opposition present in the world.

 World Wide Mission


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It is important to note that even as I am an active, worthy, serving, member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, this site, these notions, are my own and do not reflect or represent officially – my Church.

                                                                                                                                  jerry lombardo

For over a decade, I have lacked the boldness to proclaim – right up front – certain aspects of The Restored Gospel when trying to teach and share with others what we have. In fact, this notion comes not from me, but from Elder Jeffrey R Holland [and others].

In the past, I would testify to the Truth of it all by way of what stands before us today – The Church, The Priesthood, The Light that Shines from those sources. “By what we have, what we can see, touch, and feel – can I tell you sure … it’s all true”.[jl]

That falls short from my view today; my intent was good, my actions correct – and yet, I see my approach lacked a definitive belief or testimony. One which I am only now beginning to organize in preparation to share The Restored Gospel … differently than I did before.

It makes sense to me today to say clearly – up front – if you do not, or will not, accept or believe that God has Angels, Messengers and Prophets – and the Power to manifest them even today – then you will not accept this added Truth – The Book of Mormon – given us in these Latter Days (by God).

This Dispensation, these times, this Church – this Restoration – squarely sits upon the foundation that Joseph Smith, and others – saw, spoke with, and interacted with Angels and even God!

I can not run from that any longer! Either I believe it … or I don’t.

I believed it but could not bring myself to ask others to believe it; …so, I danced around it – testified of what was tangible – and patiently wait(ed) for others to learn for themselves.

I am not suggesting the approach was wrong …but it was not exactly complete. My toolbox lacked an important tool, my manual was short a chapter or two.

Elder Holland was right – is right – for me; so no longer will I back away from the very foundation that all of this is built upon. God lives; and He  [still ]has the power to send Angels, and even show Himself, and so can our Savior – and They did… or what we have is all a lie. [Not my words, but those of Elder Holland, and others, – paraphrased]

Yes, its bold and surely there is always room to move toward a center of two different ideas. I’ll venture to say that both have merit; both approaches – both ‘tools’ ought be in our tool box.

A Standard Unto My People
Elder Jeffrey R. Holland
of the Quorum of the Twelve
Symposium on the Book of Mormon, 9 August 1994, BYU) 



The Work – A Standard Unto My People reads over twenty pages and I will not post the text directly here; nor do I find the same text on CJCLDS Website. Never the less, here is a link to the a site which has posted the text: https://scottwoodward.org/Talks/html/Holland,%20Jeffrey%20R/HollandJR_AStandardUntoMyPeople.html