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As I begin this endeavor, I declare that there are absolute truths; and I say that in direct response to some who smile and snicker as they would have the world believe that we [men and women of faith from all religions] are crazy – opposite their ‘make it up as we go along’ logic …situational ethics … and ‘anything goes if it feels good’ – lifestyles. Too many say ‘we don’t want, need, or believe in God’; I say He has been with us from Adam through today, and, that He led good men and women to found and build this great country. I believe He lives, leads, and guides us, and it, in our endeavors … if we have faith.

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Oh, AND – – Yes! We Do Need God! [At least, I do… ]

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I Am Already Here…By Gerald Lombardo

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China wants to spy on you – but what of the elephant in the room no one is talking about …

Chilling Facts about ‘Smartphone’s’ — and even more chilling … is what is NOT in the article [the potential for our own government to utilize such practices!]. I am often left sort of gently shaking my head and slowly exhaling when I consider the Safelink program here in the US. Just how ignorant are the citizens of this country? Free Cell Phones (from the good old government of USA) for the poor [we need to track ALL the people … even the poor ones].

Not to mention the Android Operating System [Google!!] which is embedded in each one … that lets Google [and God only knows whom else] track our every move. The facts are more than ‘chilling’ … they are scary.  Google’s’ power is like CIA and FBI and Homeland Security … UNCHAINED [unfettered by law].

This article below points to China … but the real problem is the elephant in the room that no one is talking about … [the power of this ‘social media’ technological phenomena – and Google, FB, etc.].

Facebook is quickly being ‘reigned in’ but Google is the larger culprit by far … and it is getting away with dangerous transgressions into our privacy … our lives … [which transgressions, if not already, will quickly be mimicked and out done … but none other than the good old Government of the USA].

My wish? My prayer? … that people wake up, and that those (people) with the power to change this dangerous course … will (work to change the dangerous course).

There is so much more to this line of inquiry … I urge you to think about some of the consequence of such centralized (unfettered) power.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is the piece that prompted my post – …

America must be forever vigilant in guarding American companies and citizens from dependency on and surveillance by hostile foreign actors.