Could Russia or China stop the USA from taking Cuba if we decided it was ours to take?

Could Russia or China stop the USA from taking Cuba if we decided it was ours to take?

That is to say – could they stop the USA without a full-fledged inter-continental war?

Of course not – not if the powers that be in the USA were determined.

The time to stop the Ukraine War has come and passed.

To allow it to continue is a travesty to all that good people hold dear.

This is not a battle that Ukraine can ‘win’.

Literally countless human lives taken, generations destroyed – so many thousands of precious men, women, and children suffered and died horrible, unnecessary, violent deaths.

So much destruction it pushes beyond my own comprehension.

Yes, Putin is a maniac but a very calculating and determined man who has no care nor regret when it comes to factoring in the loss of human life and misery; Its clearly not a factor that deters him.

Our own powers that be – here in the US and in NATO – knew from day one that short of our [USA/NATO] going to war with Russia – there was no way to stop Putin from taking a slice of Ukraine. Period.

President Biden said it out loud.

It ought have ended then but he’s a weak President with too many self interests – and surrounded by too many interests of those who put and keep him in power – so the war began, and, the war continues.

Shame on them all.

Except the poor Ukrainian and Russian peoples! May God keep, protect, and comfort every one.

I weep for the great losses and pains of so many – pain which will go on for many generations to come – even long after the war ends… .

Some days, and not for my own sake, I do find myself praying for ‘the Kingdom to come’ … to come.

I’m just Sayin’ … .

I found this inspiring

First Responders – Everyday Heroes

Louisville Kentucky

I found this inspiring. We need such examples – positive energy and greatness – in action.

No politics here – I love hearing her – the commentator as she speaks of prayer and miracles on air… I love that too!

Maybe more than the images of the rescue itself …but the seeing and experiencing the rescue is grand too!

Thank you to all who work for such outcomes each and every day!

I’m Just Sayin’ … .