Leveraged – Too Big To Fail – Gamble

Leveraged – Too Big To Fail – Gamble

This Mayor, others, and a pile of Governors – have leveraged the well being of Millions of people – on a notion that they are too big to fail… i.e. you MUST bail out our failed laws and policies… or innocent people will suffer.

I don’t know what the answer is – maybe ‘yeah, we’ll bail you out – but those in power – go too’.

I’m Just Sayin’ …

Decisions World Wide Mission – I’m Just Sayin’


World Wide Mission


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Some of us, sometimes, make a ‘Decision‘ in our lives – and sort of conclude to ourselves that: Its ‘done’ ... .

We take that decision, put it in a box, put the box in a drawer … and that’s it… we move on.

However, decisions are often not so simple – not so cut and dried – [at least, for me].

After all, how can we [anyone] know in the important and practical senses, what ramifications follow or will follow from a decision – until we live with a decision in real life for a while?

We can’t.

Personally, I believe it important for thinking men and women to adapt and readjust their path based on the daily wisdom from life we are blessed to accumulate. I say such ability is not ‘wishy-washy’ … I say it demonstrates [in the characters’ of people] Wisdom; Wisdom they are blessed with along the way in their journey.

Often, decisions are small, reversible, milestones in a lifelong journey. Sometimes we need to travel a ways after a junction in the road before knowing if we took the correct path.

Early this year, I ‘decided’ to close down my running postings at “I’m Just Sayin’ … .”

I’d come to a ‘Y’ in the road, and I made a decision.

I traveled a ways and recognized it was not the best path*.

*Note me, and I will send a link to an interesting piece from a general conference talk about how/why the Holy Spirit can, and doe at times, seem to tell us to take the ‘wrong’ path – and yet, for right and good reasons it was the correct path – for a time.

Allow me to add this:

In this life, I have concluded that people do, can, and will judge. It matters not if they say they do or they don’t … and it matters not if they change the words [‘discern’… ‘judgment’s, ‘evaluate’, etc, etc. …] … People Judge [me/you] Every Day.

A long time ago, I was blessed to understand a piece of wisdom; since then, I have evolved my life, more and more each year – to reflect outwardly my understanding and acceptance of the truth in that wisdom:

People are going to judge me – and people are going to judge me no matter what – and, more importantly, our Father in heaven will judge me … so, why not be myself and be judged rightly for who I really am?

I weaved that into my thoughts here in “I’m Just Sayin’ … .” One shortcoming by that fact, and of this site, (and my archives) is that most often – most days – looking for something to say – I was moved daily [as many of us are] by what was presented to me in my daily life-and yours: The Political Fodder of Agendas’ and Hyperboles.


Worse yet, – and, sadly, – (forgive as I digress) a major percentage of what is ‘presented to us in our daily lives’most of us – is [or ought to be wholly discounted as] politically proffered fodder. Good old American [and Russian, and Chinese, and Korean, and etc] Fodder – straight from the fodder farms.

This nonsense drives a major portion of our society … [how sad for all of us]… and one result is that shows up here on this site – AND THAT skews what is genuinely important to me on fundamental levels and in foundational ways – because, like you, I am served up this fodder every day in daily life.

I will still work to call stuff – stuff – as I see it; and too, I will try not to regurgitate the puke of FNN, CNN, etc. I will warn you though – I will do it – because sometimes it needs be said anyway! I need stand and be counted – even in the fields of fodder.

I do regret that these irrational agendas, the daily hyperbole headlines – are what millions – billions – of good people around the world – are [having their attentions] focused on each and every day!

This daily non-sense – HAS THE ATTENTION OF the PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.


So, I will speak on it from time to time.

Please do not allow it to take your precious attention from what is important in this mortal life

[Faith in God, Strong Family, Endowed Freedoms, even Eternal Life].

Don’t be fooled by the noise and flash – it has no substance.

I invite you to come back often.

World Wide Mission + I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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Jerry Lombardo