World’s mental health care needs urgent makeover: WHO

Why not address the problems that are causing the mental health issues?

Let us work to a return of ‘old fashioned’ Values. Let us, by all efforts, rebuild the Family in the traditional sense. Saying the truth that the best family and home environment for every child is the nuclear family … mother, father, children – and even better – grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles! To say this is not racist or phobic or discriminatory or hateful. No, the world is not perfect and not every child can have such benefit – and yet, we need to recognize it is a standard to aim for and keep. Our societies – and now with Internet – our ‘society’ is ill. Mentally ill and so many – too many – are overwhelmed. It is a poverty of Spirit – a hunger from the heart. We are in a time of famine as our bodies get fat. Stronger families [of all kinds] will help address our mental health crisis.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

The World Health Organization released a major report on mental health worldwide and its importance with member states pledging to take action on the results

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released its most comprehensive review of the world’s mental health in over 20 years with an action plan that every WHO state member has signed to transform mental health care, according to a recent press release.  

“Everyone’s life touches someone with a mental health condition. Good mental health translates to good physical health and this new report makes a compelling case for change,” said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Disney’s ‘Lightyear’

Disney’s ‘Lightyear’

Why does ‘Disney’ insist on a same-sex kissing scene at all? Why did they do this to the new Star Trek Spin Offs a few years back [I stopped watching…  and am a forever fan of Star Trek – I wrote a composition about it somewhere below in the past]. It’s indoctrination.

This indoctrination, this selling of homosexuality and transgenderism has become so disgustingly blatant ..

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

At least some say ‘no!’. “Lightyear” has been banned in Malaysia and other Muslim countries after Disney refused to cut a brief same-sex kissing scene from the animated film.


Some Oregon school books contain pornographic imagery of sex acts

Some Oregon School District books contain topics on transgender ideology and sexually explicit materials.

An Oregon mom stopped her children from attending over what she called ‘indoctrination’

Books in at least three high schools, Milwaukie, Adrienne C. Nelson, and Clackamas contain depictions of sexual activities, including oral sex.

This is from a story on Fox news – I add it to underline my short composition about Hollywood, Media, ‘selling’ [indoctrinating] our children (including especially ‘Entertainment’, ‘News’, … all forms of media). They used to sell tobacco, alcohol, and sex – now they sell homosexuality and this transgenderism.

Home Schooling is the best path today for children if a family can achieve it.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

From Fox News –

A Cancer Trial’s Unexpected Result: Remission in Every Patient

I came across this headline and just felt it was an outstanding piece to post:

A Cancer Trial’s Unexpected Result: Remission in Every Patient…


It was a small trial, just 18 rectal cancer patients, every one of whom took the same drug.

But the results were astonishing. The cancer vanished in every single patient, undetectable by physical exam, endoscopy, PET scans or M.R.I. scans.

Dr. Luis A. Diaz Jr. of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, an author of a paper published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine describing the results, which were sponsored by the drug company GlaxoSmithKline, said he knew of no other study in which a treatment completely obliterated a cancer in every patient.

“I believe this is the first time this has happened in the history of cancer,” Dr. Diaz said.

Dr. Alan P. Venook, a colorectal cancer specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, who was not involved with the study, said he also thought this was a first.

A complete remission in every single patient is “unheard-of,” he said.

These rectal cancer patients had faced grueling treatments — chemotherapy, radiation and, most likely, life-altering surgery that could result in bowel, urinary and sexual dysfunction. Some would need colostomy bags.

They entered the study thinking that, when it was over, they would have to undergo those procedures because no one really expected their tumors to disappear.

But they got a surprise: No further treatment was necessary.

“There were a lot of happy tears,” said Dr. Andrea Cercek, an oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a co-author of the paper, which was presented Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Another surprise, Dr. Venook added, was that none of the patients had clinically significant complications.

On average, one in five patients have some sort of adverse reaction to drugs like the one the patients took, dostarlimab, known as checkpoint inhibitors. The medication was given every three weeks for six months and cost about $11,000 per dose. It unmasks cancer cells, allowing the immune system to identify and destroy them.

While most adverse reactions are easily managed, as many as 3 percent to 5 percent of patients who take checkpoint inhibitors have more severe complications that, in some cases, result in muscle weakness and difficulty swallowing and chewing. Editors’ Picks There’s a New Gerber Baby and Some Parents Are Mad Priced Out of Flying This Year? These New Low-Cost Airlines (Might) Offer a Deal ‘The Wire’ Stands Alone Continue reading the main story

The absence of significant side effects, Dr. Venook said, means “either they did not treat enough patients or, somehow, these cancers are just plain different.”

In an editorial accompanying the paper, Dr. Hanna K. Sanoff of the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, who was not involved in the study, called it “small but compelling.” She added, though, that it is not clear if the patients are cured.

“Very little is known about the duration of time needed to find out whether a clinical complete response to dostarlimab equates to cure,” Dr. Sanoff said in the editorial.

Dr. Kimmie Ng, a colorectal cancer expert at Harvard Medical School, said that while the results were “remarkable” and “unprecedented,” they would need to be replicated.

The inspiration for the rectal cancer study came from a clinical trial Dr. Diaz led in 2017 that Merck, the drugmaker, funded. It involved 86 people with metastatic cancer that originated in various parts of their bodies. But the cancers all shared a gene mutation that prevented cells from repairing damage to DNA. These mutations occur in 4 percent of all cancer patients.

Patients in that trial took a Merck checkpoint inhibitor, pembrolizumab, for up to two years. Tumors shrank or stabilized in about one-third to one-half of the patients, and they lived longer. Tumors vanished in 10 percent of the trial’s participants.

That led Dr. Cercek and Dr. Diaz to ask: What would happen if the drug were used much earlier in the course of disease, before the cancer had a chance to spread?

They settled on a study of patients with locally advanced rectal cancer — tumors that had spread in the rectum and sometimes to the lymph nodes but not to other organs. Dr. Cercek had noticed that chemotherapy was not helping a portion of patients who had the same mutations that affected the patients in the 2017 trial. Instead of shrinking during treatment, their rectal tumors grew.

Perhaps, Dr. Cercek and Dr. Diaz reasoned, immunotherapy with a checkpoint inhibitor would allow such patients to avoid chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. New Developments in Cancer Research Card 1 of 6

Progress in the field. In recent years, advancements in research have changed the way cancer is treated. Here are some recent updates:

Pancreatic cancer. Researchers managed to tame advanced pancreatic cancer in a woman by genetically reprogramming her T cells, a type of white blood cell of the immune system, so they can recognize and kill cancer cells. Another patient who received the same treatment did not survive.

Chemotherapy. A quiet revolution is underway in the field of cancer treatment: A growing number of patients, especially those with breast and lung cancers, are being spared the dreaded treatment in favor of other options.

Prostate cancer. An experimental treatment that relies on radioactive molecules to seek out tumor cells prolonged life in men with aggressive forms of the disease — the second-leading cause of cancer death among American men.

Leukemia. After receiving a new treatment, called CAR T cell therapy, more than a decade ago, two patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia saw the blood cancer vanish. Their cases offer hope for those with the disease, and create some new mysteries.

Esophageal cancer. Nivolumab, a drug that unleashes the immune system, was found to extend survival times in patients with the disease who took part in a large clinical trial. Esophageal cancer is the seventh most common cancer in the world.

Dr. Diaz began asking companies that made checkpoint inhibitors if they would sponsor a small trial. They turned him down, saying the trial was too risky. He and Dr. Cercek wanted to give the drug to patients who could be cured with standard treatments. What the researchers were proposing might end up allowing the cancers to grow beyond the point where they could be cured.

“It is very hard to alter the standard of care,” Dr. Diaz said. “The whole standard-of-care machinery wants to do the surgery.”

Finally, a small biotechnology firm, Tesaro, agreed to sponsor the study. Tesaro was bought by GlaxoSmithKline, and Dr. Diaz said he had to remind the larger company that they were doing the study — company executives had all but forgotten about the small trial.

Their first patient was Sascha Roth, then 38. She first noticed some rectal bleeding in 2019 but otherwise felt fine — she is a runner and helps manage a family furniture store in Bethesda, Md.

During a sigmoidoscopy, she recalled, her gastroenterologist said, “Oh no. I was not expecting this!”

The next day, the doctor called Ms. Roth. He had had the tumor biopsied. “It’s definitely cancer,” he told her.

“I completely melted down,” she said.

Soon, she was scheduled to start chemotherapy at Georgetown University, but a friend had insisted she first see Dr. Philip Paty at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Dr. Paty told her he was almost certain her cancer included the mutation that made it unlikely to respond well to chemotherapy. It turned out, though, that Ms. Roth was eligible to enter the clinical trial. If she had started chemotherapy, she would not have been.

Not expecting a complete response to dostarlimab, Ms. Roth had planned to move to New York for radiation, chemotherapy and possibly surgery after the trial ended. To preserve her fertility after the expected radiation treatment, she had her ovaries removed and put back under her ribs.

After the trial, Dr. Cercek gave her the news.

“We looked at your scans,” she said. “There is absolutely no cancer.” She did not need any further treatment.

“I told my family,” Ms. Roth said. “They didn’t believe me.”

But two years later, she still does not have a trace of cancer. Correction: June 5, 2022

Using information provided by a patient, an earlier version of this article misstated which year a participant in a drug trial was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Sascha Roth was diagnosed in 2019, not 2018.


I found this on a Reddit site – it is from a NYT Article


Pizza Hut features ‘drag kids’ book for children as young as kindergarten

I forgot!

I wrote ‘now it’s not just Hollywood but Hollywood and Media – selling Homosexuality and Transgenderism [scroll a couple stories down].

I forgot to include CORPORATIONS! They are in it too!

I’m Just Sayin’… .

Pizza Hut is promoting a book about “drag kids” as part of its summer reading program for children in pre-Kindergarten through third grade. These types of themes are being driven hard by a number of entities – including governments, school systems, supermarkets, ice cream brands – it’s an agenda driven cabal – I don’t like that word but it is what it is. A very powerful group of people – evil people – are trying to remake the world to their own liking. Personally, I find refuge in my Church. The best we can do for our children is help them develop a spiritual foundation and a testimony that God lives; help them feel His Holy Spirit in their hearts and follow the guidance. Admit and recognize with them that there is good and evil – and help them know the difference. Teach each of them that they are special and precious – each a child of God. Teach them to set themselves apart from the chaos and traps of the world.

That is my very personal two cents; my own testimony.

Here is just one example of these agenda driven, widespread, efforts in this story from Fox. [by the way – FOX, CNN – all of them are ‘agenda driven’ and biased – I just use the story lines as points of departure].