Oops . . they are already here!

Oops … … they are already here!

Does any thinking person in this country [or the world] NOT believe the USA has been infiltrated by hundreds of trained terrorist sleeper cells?


Time for the FBI to stop watching parents pushing back on school boards and begin watching terrorists sneaking in through our borders.

Oops … too late for that … they are already here!

Does anyone remember what just a hand full of enemies did in 2001? Some people … some where… did some things … on the 11th day of September just over 10 years ago?

What 9/11 Changed: Reflecting on the Cultural Legacy of the Attacks, 20 ...

Just a hand full of people … and now we have hundreds of them – maybe even a 1000 – with much better communication, training, and funding …

I’m Just Sayin’ … .