Turning Little Boys Into Little Girls and Vice Versa is Child Abuse

In my own lifetime, growing up in NYC, the standard in regard to homosexuals was mostly simple [and fair, and right, and accepting, and kind, and Christian]. The majority of people were kind, or didn’t notice, or didn’t care to notice but were still civil, neighborly, kind, and reasonable.

The notion that anyone can be anything they choose as long as it does not hurt another – was alive and well. You can be anything you choose; and if ‘anything’ is ‘gay’ (?) – it was still all good … ‘

Just Don’t Try To Be Gay With Me! [Declared and exercised by ‘society’ in general – in the nicest and most loving way]….. .

And, that was the way it was, as I experienced it in the most natural way – ‘growing up’ as did everyone else around me. ‘We’ were those, we are those, who filled  in the largest part of the bell shaped curve – in America.

At the ends of the curve, of course there were extremes – hate and extreme bios on one end; and, on the other those who believed ‘well, hey, … anything goes if it feels good’.

By and large though  -it was ‘live, and let live’ – paired with – just don’t put it in my face – and, especially, don’t try to have me try it; and more especially, don’t try to convince my kids that it’s ok to try… .

And, then, something nefarious took hold in this country [and around the world]. Billions of dollars and uncountable resources and efforts were being poured into changing the landscape and driving people who began fighting a true guerilla war (and) working to make homosexuality mainstreamand, nobody better get in the way.

The movement was/is so well funded – it got politicians elected and ‘unelected’. It has well funded small groups everywhere challenging landlords, employers, local governments, schools, colleges, in court challenges and battles across the land.

And, they kept winning because of the size of their war chest and the determination of whomever was leading the efforts [and, the true fact that ‘we’ (mainstream, Judeo Christian, society) didn’t know we were under attack].

We were; and, an unbelievable amount of money poured into war chests to take matters to court in every community in the country* – and soon, the movement was strong enough to dare anyone to oppose their agenda of making homosexuality both accepted, welcomed, to the mainstream of American life.

*The movement, in an amazingly cunning effort, latched on to early civil rights type legislative efforts, especially federal discrimination laws – and, inserted their own members into government agencies, universities, schools, political boards, business boards, legislative bodies, etc. changing the landscape EVERYWHERE. Even especially in the classrooms of our children.


They fought tirelessly to have the behavior, the abnormal life style … fully accepted as normal, and became dominant in the shaping of societal beliefs today. [Also, see my composition about ‘Hollywood Is Selling Homosexuality as it did Tobacco and Liquor’ (down further below in the blog)].

It was a war; it is a war and we lost the battle. We didn’t even know there was a war … but surely, without doubt … there was; and is. Just look around; media, schools – would make you believe that half the population or more is gay or lesbian.

Today, their leaders are again attacking and working to make more of them, pushing the very definition of ‘freedom’ by changing innocent little children into travesties.

To be clear, the precious children are not travesties … I speak of what is wrought upon their lives by badly intentioned, mixed up people [at best]. That is the travesty. It’s perverse and confused. These are innocent children.

Forgive the digression, so the supporters for the changes used the legal system and notions of social justice against mainstream society … and won. They beat us down muddy and wet as they fought what was from their view – a pitched battle.

However, as I said, main stream Americans – especially their political and religious leaders – simply didn’t understand that a war had been declared.

Today, finally, some powers that be (of a different moral character) are beginning to understand and looking back – are catching up and taking in [in a cerebral and thoughtful way] what happened when no one was watching or paying attention.

It’s a bloody mess. Kids are being turned from little boys into little girls [and vice versa] – taxpayers are paying quack doctors to do ‘chemical/hormone  therapy’ – AND SURGERIES to change the bodies of little kids – by the whims of the sick parents.

I pray the SCOTUS moves to insure the protection of our children from unscrupulous, even criminal,  doctors and parents in these matters – specifically.

I urge you to talk with the men and women you will vote for. See what their beliefs are; it was not so long ago – that such [bad] parents AND the doctors would have been stopped- either in the regular accepted norms by those people working everyday in the communities or in courts and by the criminal justice system.

In a normal society, even in the neighborhoods most of us grew up living in … such people with these dark and nefarious ideals and plans to carry them out would be stopped and labeled for that they are … deranged, confused, ill (criminally) in the extremeas they attempted to force their illness on innocent children [and the world].

It simply was understood it was not ‘OK’; we didn’t need to be on our guard … and now little boys and girls are being changed with surgeries and hormones, into little girls and boys – or children with no gender at all. ‘Frankenstein’ was a horror movie – not what the neighborhood doctors and clinics were doing.

My friends, some of the political Agenda is so much more than ‘Socialism’ or Progressive, or Left,  or ‘Democratic’ [NOT*]. It’s much, much, worse.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

(*Read ‘I’m a Kennedy, King, Kennedy Democrat’ also below about the change (hijack) of the Democratic Party).


An Idea Which is both Brilliant … and … Asinine – at the same time!

Scientists and designers are proposing radical ways to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic

An Idea Which is both Brilliant … and … Asinine – at the same time!

Scientists and designers are proposing radical ways to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic

The thinking of those who came up with such ideas is commendable … however, the process of our poles warming is a fully NATURAL process. The Earth IS warming … and man IS contributing to an extent … however Man is NOT ‘Causing’ the change! It is part of a cycle that will continue for millions and millions of more years. Whether caused by some mindful act of God [Creator] or some astronomical ‘accident’ of another ‘heavenly’ body colliding with the earth … no one knows [to our satisfaction with proof] … but the planet quickly cooled from the event … AND OVER UNCOUNTED YEARS, DECADES, CENTURIES … IT IS WARMING. And, it will continue to warm.

Can the natural course be changed?

Perhaps … but we need much more information and understanding … even ‘Godlike’ insight into the nature of our physical world and how to impose upon it – change which is currently beyond our understanding as a [human] race.

The technical vision, the remarkable thinking process, – both – pale in light of the amazing lack of insight!

The ice IS going to [continue to] melt. Populations in low lying areas and coastal areas will need relocation in decades to come – even if we slow the warming (man’s activity does contribute to the timing) ..  Wisdomeven wisdom as frail and shallow as my own … is clear:

Prepare for it (it is going to keep melting).

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is the story from CNN that prompted my remarks:

Scientists and designers are proposing radical ways to ‘refreeze’ the Arctic

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN


f planting more trees can replenish forests and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, then could we also repopulate the Arctic with ice?

That’s a question posed by a team of Indonesian designers with an eye-catching response to the climate crisis: iceberg-making submarines.

The idea, recently named runner-up in an international design competition appealing for radical approaches to sustainability, is the latest in a series of new proposals for "refreezing" the Earth’s poles — from sprinkling them with artificial sand to blasting seawater into the sky to brighten the clouds.

Staten Island seawall: Designing for climate change

Staten Island seawall: Designing for climate change


Led by 29-year-old architect Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha, the group envisaged a submersible vessel capable of producing 16-foot-thick, 82-foot wide hexagonal icebergs.

The process would begin with the submarine dipping beneath the surface to fill its central cavity with seawater. Salt would then be filtered out, raising water’s freezing point by more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit, after which a hatch closes over the chamber to protect it from the sun.

The proposed vessel would be large enough to host research and leusire facilities.

The proposed vessel would be large enough to host research and leusire facilities. Credit: Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha

An iceberg would then form naturally inside, before being ejected a month later. According to the team behind the project, the hexagonal shape may encourage the icebergs (or "ice babies" as Kotahatuhaha refers to them) to interlock with one another and form larger frozen masses.

It’s an early concept design, and many questions remain. The designers are yet to finalize how the vehicle would be powered, though they intend for the vessel to be fully sustainable. But could the submarines, in theory, work?

Striking photos show a decade of environmental decline along the Ganges

Striking photos show a decade of environmental decline along the Ganges


Andrew Shepherd, a professor of Earth observation at the UK’s Leeds University, described the idea as an "interesting engineering solution," though he questioned the project’s scalability. He estimated that replacing polar ice at the same rate it has disappeared in the last four decades would require around 10 million submarines.

"That’s a lot of machines," Shepherd said in an email. "For context, that’s not far off the total number of Model-T Fords built in all time."

The proposed submersible would be capable of producing 16-foot-thick, 82-foot wide hexagonal icebergs.

The proposed submersible would be capable of producing 16-foot-thick, 82-foot wide hexagonal icebergs. Credit: Faris Rajak Kotahatuhaha

But for Kotahatuhaha, the proposal is not only about feasibility — it’s about finding a different way to approach climate challenges.

"The Arctic has lost ice from year to year in the last decade," he said on the phone from Jakarta. "So we tried to solve the problem through a different way of thinking.

8 ways architects and artists are fighting climate change

8 ways architects and artists are fighting climate change


"Richer countries have millions to spend on (sea walls and) protection, but what about poor countries with no budget for (defending against) rising sea levels? This is a problem the world now faces together. We have a different approach: Rather than defending against sea level rises, we think it’s better (to carry out) some kind of intervention to tackle the problem."

Protecting the poles

A possible flaw in the proposal — and others like it — is that making ice does not significantly alter sea levels. If the ice is still floating in the water it formed from, then sea’s overall mass doesn’t change. (The icebergs would have to be "moved on to land" if they were to lower sea levels, Shepherd said).

But reversing, or at least slowing, the alarming decline of polar sea ice is about more than rising oceans. Snow and ice reflect significantly more sunlight than open water does, so bigger, frozen surfaces mean more radiation is sent back to space.

"If enough (ice) is made, then it could ultimately alter the planet’s temperature, which could in turn lead to reduced land ice melting and reduced sea level rise from that source," Shepherd said, offering an alternative advantage to making icebergs. "But there are lots of ‘ifs’ along the way."

The scientists’ research suggested that using 10 million of the devices could add a meter (3.2 feet) onto the surface of a polar ice sheet over the course of a winter.

Other proposals have focused on protecting ice rather than creating it.

Climate change may lead to a rise in floating architecture

Climate change may lead to a rise in floating architecture


Since 1990, British physicist John Lanham has explored a technique known as marine cloud brightening, in which particles — such as the salt in seawater — are injected into clouds to increase the amount of sunlight they reflect. Together with Stephen Salter, a professor of engineering design at the University of Edinburgh, Lanham developed a concept design for a floating "spray vessel" which could fire seawater into the clouds via a series of masts.

Brighter clouds could mean that less sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface, thus reducing summer melting and encouraging the replenishment of ice during the winter.

Elsewhere, the US non-profit group Ice911 has spent the last decade developing a highly reflective sand-like material that can be scattered on ice to protect it from the sun’s rays.

Last year, the group tested its "hollow microspheres," which are made from silicate glass, over 15,000 square meters (3.7 acres) of frozen lake in Alaska. Researchers found that treated ice was thicker and more reflective than untreated ice.

Non-profit group Ice911 has developed a highly reflective sand-like material that can be scattered on ice to reflect more of the sun's rays back to space.

Non-profit group Ice911 has developed a highly reflective sand-like material that can be scattered on ice to reflect more of the sun’s rays back to space. Credit: Ice911/Alexander Sholtz

Detractors say that plans to refreeze the Arctic address the symptom, not the cause. Indeed, even if proposals did prove feasible, none would combat the carbon consumption responsible for diminishing sea ice in the first place.

As Julienne Stroeve, a professor at University College London and senior scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, told CNN when the Arizona State University’s team first proposed its wind-powered pump concept: "Global warming in response to rising CO2 concentrations would continue despite efforts to grow ice in the Arctic. Thus, the excess heat at lower latitudes would still be transported towards the Arctic via atmospheric and oceanic circulation and this would counter efforts to grow ice in the Arctic."

How design of cities must change to withstand 'category 6' mega storms

How design of cities must change to withstand ‘category 6’ mega storms


But for Kotahatuhaha and his team, big problems require bold innovation. While he accepts that his iceberg-making submarines are a "utopian project," he wants experts from different fields to help build radical visions into viable solutions.

"Architects cannot build skyscrapers alone," he offered as an analogy. "(They) need collaboration from civil engineers, electrical engineers, economists and others.

"If there are too many limitations, there will be no innovation," he added. "Innovation is the first step to opening (our) way of thinking, then technology and research regarding … feasibility must be deepened."


Thank God for the ADF – Center for Academic Freedom

Good people have a right to say ‘No’. ‘No, I won’t’.

Thank God for the ADF – Center for Academic Freedom.

This is a piece from CNN and, I do pray – if this man was fired because he is pushing back on an absorbedly oppressive culture and taking a rightful stand … I applaud and support him.

I urge you to scroll down to my other stories and compositions regarding ‘transgenderism’ in this country. It is an upside notion that a group of people – an extreme minority – with perverted beliefs – has been pushing upon the entire country [and, frankly, the world].

Good laws enacted with good intentions … to help true, disenfranchised, minority groups [well meaning laws against ‘discrimination’] – were hijacked by this group; and, in a matter of decades – they changed the landscape – they perverted ‘normal’ … even of a Christian Nation.

Please, understand: To me [and the majority of people in America] – for a doctor, parent, any adult – to change a little boy into a little girl … with drugs, brainwashing, and surgery … is Child Abuse and punishable by law. Were I an attorney – I’d prove it in a court of law.

I can not automatically support this man in this particular cause – I don’t know the man – or the boy – or what happened…I present the piece only as an example and I support what is right and good; and, …

good people have a right to say ‘no’. "No, I won’t".

                I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Again, Thank You, to The Center for Academic Freedom.

Here is the story:

[Also, understand please, this story is highly pejorative in opposition to beliefs I espoused].

(CNN)A Virginia high school teacher is claiming he was fired for not using a student’s preferred gender pronouns. But that’s not entirely correct.

Allison Hope

Allison Hope

Rather, West Point High School French teacher Peter Vlaming was technically fired for insubordination, after he did not comply with his supervisor’s multiple requests to call his student by the appropriate gender pronouns.

And now he’s suing, with the help of the ADF Center for Academic Freedom. The ADF is a right-wing group with extreme views on gay and trans issues, which the Southern Poverty Law Center has characterized as "one of the most influential groups informing the [Trump] administration’s attack on LGBT rights."

The teacher wasn’t fired simply because of a pronoun, but rather because he was behaving in violation of school policy, judicial precedent and the state’s Department of Education code of ethics.

As a public school teacher, Vlaming was, of course, a government employee.

You may believe that same-sex couples shouldn’t be allowed to get married, but if you’re a government employee processing that couple’s taxes, you must still acknowledge that they are married. You may not believe that a woman should have a child out of wedlock, but as a government employee, you must still cut her social services disbursement check if she qualifies for it.

'Pose' has a potent message: don't wait, just live


‘Pose’ has a potent message: don’t wait, just live

The lawsuit ADF filed on behalf of Vlaming says that adhering to his supervisor’s orders to refer to the student using their preferred gender pronouns "violates his conscience."

As a country that separates church and state, we cannot simply allow public employees, whose salaries are paid by our taxes, to impose their personal religious beliefs within public institutions meant to serve everyone. That separation has been reinforced consistently in our courts, including in some high-profile cases like that of Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples after the Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that marriage equality was the law of the land.

What’s more, there’s a judicial precedent that has leaned on Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in schools, to protect transgender students. The Trump administration, though, has issued guidance to undo the Obama administration’s guidance affirming that Title IX also protects students from discrimination based on their gender identity. A consolidation of several cases of people who say they were fired because they are LGBTQ will be heard before the Supreme Court this week. The claim under examination — one that has held up in lower courts — is specific to whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 recognizes LGBTQ people under "sex" as a protected class.

Virginia does not have statewide legal protections for its LGBTQ residents; a bill that would prohibit discrimination in housing and government employment never even came to a vote because it never got a full committee hearing in the state legislature this past session, despite bipartisan support.

Finally, a doll that looks like all of us


Finally, a doll that looks like all of us

That’s too bad because such a law might have reminded Vlaming that misgendering a transgender child is wrong. It goes against the very ethos of what being a teacher means: to provide a nurturing space where students can learn, regardless of who they are. By refusing to acknowledge this student’s identity, Vlaming created a hostile learning environment.

And by suing, he is threatening to create many more toxic classrooms.

By supporting Vlaming’s suit, the ADF Center for Academic Freedom is taking what could be an important moment of introspection for this teacher, and using it instead to advance the group’s well-established agenda of working to strip LGBTQ people of our rights.

Vlaming’s lawyers claim that the teacher’s "conscience" was under threat from the requirement that he not misgender his students, and that the school was infringing on Vlaming’s freedom of speech and religion. But it doesn’t take more than a tiny bit of prodding to see through that flimsy argument.

It’s true that the student in question previously identified as female. But what definitive proof did Vlaming have to deny the student’s male identity? What determines someone’s sex or gender? Their external genitals? Surely he didn’t see those, or he’d have a whole host of other wrongdoing to answer to.

Even then, how can one presume to know a student’s identity based on genitals or past identification, when there are myriad other factors that contribute to one’s sex and gender — internal sex organs, hormones, chromosomes, brainwaves, internal sense of self?

DeVos to visit school that refuses to accommodate trans students


DeVos to visit school that refuses to accommodate trans students

If we took a moment to really think, we’d realize that just as we accept others’ right to be called by the name they prefer, it does us no harm to also refer to them in their preferred gender.

Virginia isn’t a stranger to these situations. The state has spent four years hearing one of the most visible transgender cases in history, in a legal battle over whether then-high school student Gavin Grimm had the right to use the school bathroom that comported with his gender identity.

In 2017, the case made it all the way to the Supreme Court, which sent the case back to a lower court. Just this August, a federal judge in Virginia handed down a decision in favor of Grimm — and in favor of all transgender and gender non-conforming students everywhere.

"These acknowledgments are made in the hopes of making a positive difference to Mr. Grimm and to the everyday lives of our children who rely upon us to protect them compassionately and in ways that more perfectly respect the dignity of every person," Judge Arenda Wright Allen said in handing down her decision. Judge Allen’s language demonstrates the empathy that we desperately need more of.

Transgender kids face enormous hurdles in a society that often doesn’t understand or accept them. They are more likely to be rejected at home, bullied by peers at school and online, denied necessary medical care and disadvantaged in nearly every other facet of life. Our teachers shouldn’t be another line item on the list of reasons our transgender kids are less likely to get ahead in life. Rather, teachers should offer students refuge and understanding.


Christian Doctor Fired after 30 years – Beliefs “Incompatable with Human Dignity” Judge Decree’s

A seasoned British doctor lost his government job as a medical assessor after more than three decades because he refused to renounce his Christian belief that gender is determined at birth. As a result, he wouldn’t use a transgender associated pronoun …

 his supervisor pressured him to refer to a "man six foot tall with a beard" as "she" and "Mrs.," but the doctor refused…and was fired.’

The ‘Judge’ ruled and stated that the doctors’ beliefs were “incompatible with human dignity’ [!!]

It is bad enough this happened in Britain – – – I urge you – I implore you – stand up and do not allow this in these United States of America!

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is a link to the story on Fox News https://fxn.ws/30Camti