Turning Little Boys Into Little Girls and Vice Versa is Child Abuse

In my own lifetime, growing up in NYC, the standard in regard to homosexuals was mostly simple [and fair, and right, and accepting, and kind, and Christian]. The majority of people were kind, or didn’t notice, or didn’t care to notice but were still civil, neighborly, kind, and reasonable.

The notion that anyone can be anything they choose as long as it does not hurt another – was alive and well. You can be anything you choose; and if ‘anything’ is ‘gay’ (?) – it was still all good … ‘

Just Don’t Try To Be Gay With Me! [Declared and exercised by ‘society’ in general – in the nicest and most loving way]….. .

And, that was the way it was, as I experienced it in the most natural way – ‘growing up’ as did everyone else around me. ‘We’ were those, we are those, who filled  in the largest part of the bell shaped curve – in America.

At the ends of the curve, of course there were extremes – hate and extreme bios on one end; and, on the other those who believed ‘well, hey, … anything goes if it feels good’.

By and large though  -it was ‘live, and let live’ – paired with – just don’t put it in my face – and, especially, don’t try to have me try it; and more especially, don’t try to convince my kids that it’s ok to try… .

And, then, something nefarious took hold in this country [and around the world]. Billions of dollars and uncountable resources and efforts were being poured into changing the landscape and driving people who began fighting a true guerilla war (and) working to make homosexuality mainstreamand, nobody better get in the way.

The movement was/is so well funded – it got politicians elected and ‘unelected’. It has well funded small groups everywhere challenging landlords, employers, local governments, schools, colleges, in court challenges and battles across the land.

And, they kept winning because of the size of their war chest and the determination of whomever was leading the efforts [and, the true fact that ‘we’ (mainstream, Judeo Christian, society) didn’t know we were under attack].

We were; and, an unbelievable amount of money poured into war chests to take matters to court in every community in the country* – and soon, the movement was strong enough to dare anyone to oppose their agenda of making homosexuality both accepted, welcomed, to the mainstream of American life.

*The movement, in an amazingly cunning effort, latched on to early civil rights type legislative efforts, especially federal discrimination laws – and, inserted their own members into government agencies, universities, schools, political boards, business boards, legislative bodies, etc. changing the landscape EVERYWHERE. Even especially in the classrooms of our children.


They fought tirelessly to have the behavior, the abnormal life style … fully accepted as normal, and became dominant in the shaping of societal beliefs today. [Also, see my composition about ‘Hollywood Is Selling Homosexuality as it did Tobacco and Liquor’ (down further below in the blog)].

It was a war; it is a war and we lost the battle. We didn’t even know there was a war … but surely, without doubt … there was; and is. Just look around; media, schools – would make you believe that half the population or more is gay or lesbian.

Today, their leaders are again attacking and working to make more of them, pushing the very definition of ‘freedom’ by changing innocent little children into travesties.

To be clear, the precious children are not travesties … I speak of what is wrought upon their lives by badly intentioned, mixed up people [at best]. That is the travesty. It’s perverse and confused. These are innocent children.

Forgive the digression, so the supporters for the changes used the legal system and notions of social justice against mainstream society … and won. They beat us down muddy and wet as they fought what was from their view – a pitched battle.

However, as I said, main stream Americans – especially their political and religious leaders – simply didn’t understand that a war had been declared.

Today, finally, some powers that be (of a different moral character) are beginning to understand and looking back – are catching up and taking in [in a cerebral and thoughtful way] what happened when no one was watching or paying attention.

It’s a bloody mess. Kids are being turned from little boys into little girls [and vice versa] – taxpayers are paying quack doctors to do ‘chemical/hormone  therapy’ – AND SURGERIES to change the bodies of little kids – by the whims of the sick parents.

I pray the SCOTUS moves to insure the protection of our children from unscrupulous, even criminal,  doctors and parents in these matters – specifically.

I urge you to talk with the men and women you will vote for. See what their beliefs are; it was not so long ago – that such [bad] parents AND the doctors would have been stopped- either in the regular accepted norms by those people working everyday in the communities or in courts and by the criminal justice system.

In a normal society, even in the neighborhoods most of us grew up living in … such people with these dark and nefarious ideals and plans to carry them out would be stopped and labeled for that they are … deranged, confused, ill (criminally) in the extremeas they attempted to force their illness on innocent children [and the world].

It simply was understood it was not ‘OK’; we didn’t need to be on our guard … and now little boys and girls are being changed with surgeries and hormones, into little girls and boys – or children with no gender at all. ‘Frankenstein’ was a horror movie – not what the neighborhood doctors and clinics were doing.

My friends, some of the political Agenda is so much more than ‘Socialism’ or Progressive, or Left,  or ‘Democratic’ [NOT*]. It’s much, much, worse.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

(*Read ‘I’m a Kennedy, King, Kennedy Democrat’ also below about the change (hijack) of the Democratic Party).


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