Could Russia or China stop the USA from taking Cuba if we decided it was ours to take?

Could Russia or China stop the USA from taking Cuba if we decided it was ours to take?

That is to say – could they stop the USA without a full-fledged inter-continental war?

Of course not – not if the powers that be in the USA were determined.

The time to stop the Ukraine War has come and passed.

To allow it to continue is a travesty to all that good people hold dear.

This is not a battle that Ukraine can ‘win’.

Literally countless human lives taken, generations destroyed – so many thousands of precious men, women, and children suffered and died horrible, unnecessary, violent deaths.

So much destruction it pushes beyond my own comprehension.

Yes, Putin is a maniac but a very calculating and determined man who has no care nor regret when it comes to factoring in the loss of human life and misery; Its clearly not a factor that deters him.

Our own powers that be – here in the US and in NATO – knew from day one that short of our [USA/NATO] going to war with Russia – there was no way to stop Putin from taking a slice of Ukraine. Period.

President Biden said it out loud.

It ought have ended then but he’s a weak President with too many self interests – and surrounded by too many interests of those who put and keep him in power – so the war began, and, the war continues.

Shame on them all.

Except the poor Ukrainian and Russian peoples! May God keep, protect, and comfort every one.

I weep for the great losses and pains of so many – pain which will go on for many generations to come – even long after the war ends… .

Some days, and not for my own sake, I do find myself praying for ‘the Kingdom to come’ … to come.

I’m just Sayin’ … .

I found this inspiring

First Responders – Everyday Heroes

Louisville Kentucky

I found this inspiring. We need such examples – positive energy and greatness – in action.

No politics here – I love hearing her – the commentator as she speaks of prayer and miracles on air… I love that too!

Maybe more than the images of the rescue itself …but the seeing and experiencing the rescue is grand too!

Thank you to all who work for such outcomes each and every day!

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

MAN MUST ADJUST. NOT ‘KICK THE PRICKS’ and fight a senseless battle against Nature, natural forces, i.e. the very nature of the earth.

I do not believe we can simply say the Ice age came and went.

It came [yes] and is GOING (still in the process of passing) [as the planet continues to warm and change back to ‘pre-ice age’ conditions].

Yes, that means ice is melting, weather patterns are changing …waters are rising.

Yes, living things upon the earth – even humans and cows – have an impact – but the ‘climate’ changes we are experiencing are NATURAL PROCESSES. Mitigation to ‘stop it’ – to stop the process – is not the answer

We [mankind] cannot deter the process.


Foolish men are screaming ‘the sky is falling’ and spending untold billions of dollars worldwide; however, where they ought be spend that money and energy is upon helping our populations in cities along coastlines, low-lying areas, and other places we see increasing impacts ……… ADJUST.

Prepare to move populations centers that where such changes are coming rapidly… anything else is just foolish.

MANKIND MUST ADJUST NOT ‘KICK THE PRICKS’ and fight a senseless battle against Nature, natural forces, i.e. the very nature of the earth. The ice IS going to continue melting, weather patterns will continue to change – regardless of crazy men and politics of the world.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


What happened to swaths of earth through Northern Africa and Southern Asia

What happened to swaths of earth through Northern Africa and Southern Asia?

I believe there are other worlds like our Earth in other solar systems. I believe God is the Creator – not only of all things here, but of many worlds.

Further, I believe there have been a number – perhaps many – ‘worlds’ – or Civilizations – right here on Earth; that is to say, other ‘ages’, other ‘dispensations’, other periods of time we have no easy name for  – times before our History, and before the history of Adam. I believe there were Pre Adamic Civilizations right here on our own mother earth.

When I look at a satellite, color, map of the world today – I see a swath of utter destruction right across the earth; places it seems that have been obliterated long, long, ago. The topography – the terrain… it seems wholly out of place. Everything North and South is lush green – beautiful and pristine. It doesn’t fit.

I’ve read many things about a time when God was so outraged by the actions of His creations – that He once shook the earth in a Mighty Way. Looks like He blasted it too. One guess might be, He did it to end the evil races and civilizations whom had become powerful upon the earth in those times.

We know Civilizations do become wicked and God does, as is written in our world – our Scriptures – after the Work of The Savior [Jesus Christ] – The Father, by way of The Son, wipes clean again the earth.

I’m sure He gave them the same Love and Consideration – but then, some teach, He shook the earth in a Mighty Way – and laid waste – it seems to me – to a beautiful and favored part of the earth – to punish the wicked. [Just a sensible hypothesis for me].

Anyway, that is what I see when I look at a satellite map of that part of the world. It’s not natural. It’s evidence of destruction – beyond 10,000 years ago. In my personal opinion, God has been here a lot longer than 7000 -10,000 years [:-)] – and so has the earth. His Work upon it did not just start with Adam [again my personal opinion].

I do believe there were civilizations [not just animals and dinosaurs] upon the earth long before Adam; all Directed by the same Creator. Here, I Call God Jehovah, who later came to dwell with us in the flesh as our Savior, whom we call mortally, Jesus Christ. Who, by the Direction of His, our Father, is The creator of the Earth. He is the same God and Father of Adam, Abraham and us.

His work, and theirs; and our work too, is Eternal.

We don’t know it for sure but my heart suggests it might be true never the less.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


Oops . . they are already here!

Oops … … they are already here!

Does any thinking person in this country [or the world] NOT believe the USA has been infiltrated by hundreds of trained terrorist sleeper cells?


Time for the FBI to stop watching parents pushing back on school boards and begin watching terrorists sneaking in through our borders.

Oops … too late for that … they are already here!

Does anyone remember what just a hand full of enemies did in 2001? Some people … some where… did some things … on the 11th day of September just over 10 years ago?

What 9/11 Changed: Reflecting on the Cultural Legacy of the Attacks, 20 ...

Just a hand full of people … and now we have hundreds of them – maybe even a 1000 – with much better communication, training, and funding …

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

I’m Just Sayin’ . .

This seems obvious … at least to me – one rider deliberately bumped another one.

The ‘aggressor’ was a person who is transgender – a man who now claims to be a woman … named Austin Killips – the rider who was bumped [purposefully] is Hannah Arensman.

It took me almost 30 minutes to find an actual video clip of the incident … and I did find one [linked below].

 … look for yourself:


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Fifth Column – follow up .

Fifth Column – follow up …

The Fifth Column I wrote of … is the Government … and more specifically – a group within the Democratic Party whom today controls most of the government.

Mark Levin is right [no pun intended] – he reviews history and current events here-

I remain faithful to our Savior who is more powerful … even than them. You may know Egypt tried this over 2500 years ago … thought they could overcome Jehovah and Israel with their control, riches, power, and numbers … .

We all know what happened there and then.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

“I’m not going to let Andy Murray kill me” Serena Williams – Men in Women’s Sports

“I’m not going to let Andy Murray kill me” – Serena Williams

That clip, that quote, which got my attention – is from before the world went nuts and started letting boys play girls sports.

I just watched a small group of courageous women trying to speak with kindness and respect – while stating their beliefs – at a Public Library. What I watched has me ill in my stomach. I’ll include links to the library incident, and Serena on Letterman below.

Radicals have taken over our schools, governments, and too many of our most basic institutions like Public Libraries. If I were a younger and more able man – I’d be out on the front lines. This is nuts. People are trying to tear our country apart – from the inside.

Our country has been systematically overcome by what seems to be fairly described as a ‘fifth column’ and we are being torn apart from people within our own society … who came and hide in plain sight. There is a coordinated effort to destroy America; and those who lead it are, indeed, the enemies of America.

I cannot believe that we risk our own liberty simply by thinking, writing and saying common sense beliefs – facts – absolute truths –  out loud.

Our fathers and forefathers gave life and limb – literally – that we might have the liberty and quality of life – the freedom from tyrannies – we have enjoyed for these few hundred years in America.

In fact, the very freedoms we treasure(d) are what allowed our adversaries to attack us and almost destroy this remarkable country. Our respect for our own values allowed those who wish to destroy us – right into our living rooms, lives, and yes … our Libraries. I pray we are waking up in time to stop it.

Regarding this insane agenda to have men play women’s’ sports – here is the right and common sense truth – a genuine answer – stated very clearly, honestly, knowingly [she’s a professional … one of the best … she lived it – and, I believe, she can speak on it knowingly].

Regarding Serena Williams playing Andy Murray in a tennis match, Serena explained it was never going to happen. “Actually it’s funny, because Andy Murray, he’s been joking about myself and him playing a match. I’m like, ‘Andy, seriously, are you kidding me?’ For me, men’s tennis and women’s tennis are completely, almost, two separate sports, “Serena Williams said.

“If I were to play Andy Murray, I would lose 6-0, 6-0 in five to six minutes, maybe 10 minutes. No, it’s true. It’s a completely different sport. The men are a lot faster and they serve harder, they hit harder, it’s just a different game.”

Here’s the link to Serena Williams on Letterman

Here’s a link to these courageous athletes trying to rightly stand and share their thoughts and beliefs at a public event … about men in women’s sports – in a public library [the ‘venue’ fairly, rightfully secured for the community event] 

I hope they do go to court.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

The truth is that COVID19 was just too damned profitable

The truth is that COVID19 was just too damned profitable – on so many levels [politically and financially]. It took on wide appeal for those interested in profit and control more than humanity … and so, many will try to maneuver the world [at least the US] into doing it again!

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Check out this article:

e World Health Organization designated BA.2.86 a “variant under monitoring” on Thursday.

CNN — 

A highly mutated new variant of the virus that causes Covid-19 has countries on alert as scientists scramble to understand how far it has spread and how well our immunity will defend against it.

The new variant, called BA.2.86 and nicknamed Pirola by variant hunters on social media, has more than 30 amino acid changes to its spike protein compared with its next closest ancestor, the BA.2 subvariant of Omicron, according to Dr. Jesse Bloom, who studies viral evolution at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle.

Three respiratory viruses could make you sick this season – but for the first time, there are vaccines against all of them


“This makes it an evolutionary jump comparable in size to that which originally gave rise to Omicron,” Bloom posted on his lab’s website.

The World Health Organization designated BA.2.86 a “variant under monitoring” on Thursday, a designation that encourages countries to track and report the sequences they find.

A variant under monitoring that causes more severe disease or evades existing vaccines or treatments can be upgraded to WHO’s list of variants of interest or variants of concern. XBB.1.5, XBB.1.16 and EG.5 are listed as variants of interest. WHO has not designated any variants of concern.

Only six sequences of BA.2.86 have been reported in four countries, but epidemiologists are worried they could represent many more because worldwide monitoring of variants has dropped off.

The variant was spotted by scientists in Israel on Sunday. Since then, Denmark has reported three sequences. Two more sequences were reported in United States and in the United Kingdom, respectively.

“It is unusual for corona to change so significantly and develop 30 new mutations. The last time we saw such a big change was when Omicron appeared,” said Morten Rasmussen, a senior researcher at the Statens Serum Institut, in a news statement on the variant.

The three cases in Denmark are in people in different parts of the country who do not appear to have had contact with each other, according to the institute.


Which arm gets the Covid-19 booster may make a difference, study shows


SSI scientists stressed that it’s still too early to say anything about the severity or contagiousness of the new variant. They are in the process of growing the virus variant to test it against human antibodies.

Dr. Mandy Cohen, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said Friday that the new variant shouldn’t be cause for alarm.

“I think what we are seeing is our detection mechanisms that we’ve put in place are working, right?” she told CNN. “We are more prepared than ever to detect and respond to changes in the Covid-19 virus.

“We are tracking this new lineage. It has mutations that do make it distinct from other lineages circulating. And then the question becomes, what does that mean?” Cohen said. “Is it going to increase? Are we going to see more cases? Or is it going to fizzle out and not be a variant of concern?”

In a new threat assessment on the variant Friday, the UK’s Health Security Agency said that the fact that these sequences are in four different countries in people without recent travel histories “suggests that there is established international transmission.”

The sequences that have been found are very similar to each other, which may indicate that they emerged recently and are spreading quickly, the report says, though the UKHSA notes that it has low confidence in this assessment until more sequences become available.

The very powerful people around and behind Joe Biden

The very powerful people around and behind Joe Biden … (obviously) will do ANYTHING to protect him [and therefore keep him in power] because it is not Joe Biden who is in power … it is those around and behind him [and they are having a wild and crazy time destroying our country].

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

There is no process to fully undo or reverse the terror and life long heartache these acts inflict

This young boy was mutilated; and, on some levels, this cannot be ‘reversed’.

There is a term: “detransitioned” but there is no process to fully undo or reverse the terror and lifelong heartache these acts inflict on so many unsuspecting, trusting, children.

Listen, please, to this 20-year-old who got a castration surgery as he speaks out to warn young boys from following in his footsteps.

I knew these were crimes against children – and wrote publically to declare it – years before it all became headlines.

One very frightening fact is how bad it got – how many children were, and will be, mutilated before those powers that be [who advocate for, and perpetrate, these acts] can be stopped.

It is absolutely criminal how so many adults, doctors, parents … continue to double down and continue hurting thousands and thousands of children – ruining them for life – in spite of the most basic of common sense facts and understandings.

I am so sorry for those who have been used and abused by sick, twisted, agenda driven decisions – with the full backing and support of the US Government. It’s all perverse.

The harm done will haunt millions of otherwise healthy children for their entire lives, and the lives of their families, children, and our larger society in general … .

I said then, and now … this is child abuse. I’ve pointed out that in my youth, and in the places where I grew up – [NY, NY] – those who did this(?) would have been arrested and charged with crimes – not protected and encouraged by our US Government and political leaders acting at the direction and behest of very sick and twisted individuals.

This story is heartbreaking. Sadly, there are many thousands like this young person who have had their lives stolen, battered, twisted – by agenda driven, sick, dangerous, people – who are themselves … ‘broken’ [or they would never do these things to innocent children].

I pray for all people being scarred by this and invite you to do the same – and please, speak up … speak out – speak the understandings of your hearts and reverse the course of this abomination.

Yes, in this money loving, world …money can buy so much …

Too much.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is a link to this young person sharing his experiences in hope of helping others avoid the same.

Why Does America Need Organized Religion? Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA –

If this video, with no commentary at all – left, right, or center, doesn’t bring tears to your eyes – the country has slid so deep into darkness – maybe there is no way out.

This is an American City in 2023! America!

The video shows Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA

God help us all.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

The video (link above) is more powerful than the screenshots I included below


Please take a minute and a half to watch Clay Christensen describe eloquently and so much better than I can –

Why America Needs Organized Religion

<iframe width=”661″ height=”372″ src=”″ title=”Clay Christensen on Religious Freedom (His personal views, not HBS)” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; pictur

Biden Admin declares meetings w tech companies is in ‘the public interest’/Drugs, Cell Phones, and Indoctrination

The Biden administration argues in court document ‘irreparable harm,’ as it seeks to keep meetings with Big Tech after ruling ordered it to stop.

They argue that ‘staying the preliminary injunction’ barring them from meeting with tech companies is in ‘the public interest’

I find myself wondering if I have just gotten too old and am plain wrong in my heartfelt beliefs … … am I crazy(?) I ask myself.

No! I am not; nor are a great number of good, wise, men and women in this Country [and around the world].

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

I want to say things to demean the energy and agenda behind this and other frightening current affairs in this country [as well as around the world] but I guess what people don’t know … they don’t know; and trying to point it out – doesn’t help.

The fact is though … I read The Books – still best sellers – and I know how it all comes out. I know these times were predicted – this chaos was Written of long ago. It had to come. It’s Prophecy; and it will get worse before it gets better [no, I am not a bible thumper – but I am a believer].

Back to the story – The Biden administration is arguing in court that it not being able to meet with these Social Media and other companies would cause “irreparable harm.”

Is this the Twilight Zone?

God Bless the Judge who finally acted.

I just did a piece that I haven’t published yet. I think I will include it here … just some food for thought…

Drugs, Cell Phones, & Indoctrination

Some hidden powers that be in this country are driving, steering,  our young men to be weaker, and duller in mind, spirit and body. In plain sight. It is blatant.

Drugs, Cell Phones & Indoctrination via the ‘education system’.

I can’t believe others don’t see it … or don’t care.

The Free Country our fathers, and forefathers fought for – gave their lives for – generations of families in the fields –  be those fields of battle or farming … black and white alike – all of it – all of it – is slipping away.

In some ways, its already gone… .

A simply example that shows the result of the programming of our youth [and adults]: People don’t want to, or can not, serve in meaningful and needed ways. The article linked to below adds – “College has also become a more popular option for high school graduates, with 62% of high school seniors pushed to go directly to college”. Another reason for low recruitment numbers is the perception among some that the military has gone “woke.” The author adds, “The nation is also facing a health crisis among young people with 77 percent of America’s youth not eligible to serve, according to a Pentagon study.”

No one wants to have an Army –  but we damn sure better have one – and it better be strong. [Bless you and thank you to all who served and love those who did and do ..]

Leaders, and peoples,  around the world want what we have … [sadly most Americans don’t even understand what we do have …].

Yes, bad people have destroyed, and are destroying, this once great country.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

God help us.


Are you kidding me? Is this a parody?

This is a statement attached to a story that really strikes me as treasonous on its face when one puts it in context of this Presidents’ relationship with China.

“The reason why Xi Jinping got very upset in terms of when I shot that balloon down with two boxcars full of spy equipment in it is he didn’t know it was there,” Biden reportedly said on Tuesday. “No, I’m serious. That’s a great embarrassment for dictators when they didn’t know what happened.”

How can anyone not recognize this, in this mix of current affairs, as what some are calling A China Talking Point? How can anyone not discern the dynamics here? This, I’m Just Saying, is ‘cover’ for Jinping.

China made statements Wednesday, saying that Biden’s comments “severely infringe on China’s political dignity.”

Are you kidding me? Is this a parody? Are people in the world really this stupid? [“No”, that’s what’s scary].

Some in our government are groveling, and worse; plus, it seems political watchers and talking heads aren’t calling it out for what it is … . I don’t get it. Stories are in full bloom to cover the stink … blundering Joe again shoots his mouth off about sensitive material …, they chide.

But they know it ain’t so; …  both sides – conservative and liberal .. what’s going on … ?

To me, this is really scary – more than the daily level of chaos in the headlines of current affairs.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


“No Labels” – promising to present candidates in the middle .

This seems like a needed idea in this time of chaos and extremes in our country.

We really do need leaders who have a moral compass and who can unite major portions of our country. I’ve said so – someone with vision and character and a moral compass – in the middle.

I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS ‘IT’ … way too early to know.  I am only saying that it’s a refreshing idea and I support it in principle – in fact, I signed up to get their updates.

What am I talking about?

“No Labels” – promising to present candidates in the middle …

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Any biological father has the right to stop the abortion of his child. Period.

Abortion – The Power of Language and Lies

‘The Right To Choose’

‘My Body – My Choice’

‘Abortion is The Woman’s Choice’

Those declarations are a fallacy. They are lies; but they are lies that seem to have some logic behind them because they are ‘half truths’ and thus, those in desperate circumstances … are fooled.

These half truths omit an essential part of the equation – that there are two bodies – two people (actually three!) involved in any abortion [and] tragically in an abortion, the person who cannot speak or fight for him or herself is silenced forever.

The half truths omit – overlook almost entirely – that there are TWO PARENTS involved in any abortion decision and a biological father has the right to stop the abortion of his child.

Sad fact of life:

The Father, at least in NYS, has no right, no power, no recourse in any abortion decision. If any woman wants an abortion – at any time in the pregnancy – they can independently give up the life of the child. Fathers have no rights in the matter. What happened to Equal Rights?

This is an atrocity.

I think it’s time for such a case to be recognized and quickly taken up the court system to the Supreme Court Of the United States.

Any biological father has the right to stop the abortion of his child. Period.

It’s time the law caught up to the times.


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

I don’t know anything about ‘hashtags’ … someone out there please make one … Any biological father has the right to stop the abortion of his child.

Any biological father has the right to stop the abortion of his child.

Abortion – The Power of Language and Lies

‘The Right To Choose’

‘My Body – My Choice’

‘Abortion is The Woman’s Choice’

Those declarations are a fallacy. They are lies but they are lies that seem to have some logic behind them because they are ‘half truths’.

The half truths omit that there are two bodies involved in an abortion; and, in an abortion, they kill the one who cannot speak or fight for him or herself.

They half truth omits that there are TWO PARENTS involved and any biological father has the right to stop the abortion of his child.

The Father, at least in NYS, has no right, no power, no recourse if his wife or girlfriend wants an abortion – at any time in the pregnancy.

I think it’s time for such a case to be recognized and quickly taken up the courts to the Supreme Court Of the United States or SCOTUS.

Any biological father has the right to stop the abortion of his child. Period.

It’s time the law caught up to the times.


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

A Candle. Religion Faith Freedom … is under attack

Subject:                          A Candle.

Religion, Faith, Freedom … is under attack


In the headlines …  The Catholic Hospital System in Oklahoma and a Candle…

It’s Not about a Candle!

Religion, Faith, Freedom – in this country – … is under attack.

What if the Hospital simply laid down and said ‘ok’ … ‘you win’ … no candle? It’s just a candle … .

It’s not about the Candle.

We, people of faith – must stand our ground – on issues that would have seemed laughable just a few years ago.

Religion, Faith, Freedom … is under attack.

I am grateful for the administrators of the Catholic hospital system in Oklahoma.

Thank you!

                            I’m Just Sayin’ … .

If you missed the stories or the issue that prompted them – here’s a link to one

Bud Light

Bud Light

I guess I can’t help that this Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney kerfuffle brings a smile to my mood… .

I guess, after all, I am human 🙂 and, I’m tired of people playing with my head.

From the headlines:

Michel Doukeris‘Bud Light has broken their brand’: Clay Travis [Bud Light/Anheuser-Busch] downplayed the brand’s partnership with Dylan Mulvaney.

Mr. Doukeris insisted there is “misinformation { [:-) editors’ smile } spreading on social media (oh no!) about the company’s team-up with their new/old – boy/girl – gay/lesbian Trans Bud Light beer campaign.

Ohhhh golly … there’s that word … ‘misinformation’ / ‘disinformation’!

Better call the new Federal Office of Misinformation! disinformation czar.jpg [Federal Disinformation Czar!]

Wow, I WISH that was only an empty joke.

Grandpa was right, the world is going to hell in hand-basket.

“We need to clarify the facts”, Doukeris said…  “that this was one can, one influencer, one post and not a campaign” as he backpedaled pointing out that the company provided “direct financial support” to those impacted by the boycott (paid them off) [Editor wonders if ‘BOYcott’ is an appropriate word for him to use [him? her? … oh no, I forgot to ask … another faux pas!  … :-)].

I am sorry to any offended.

Some days it is all just too much.

I can’t even offer you a Peace Sign for fear of being called a Nazi or worse…

Awww heck … [it means Peace, to me].

Post ScriptMAYBELLINE <a href=TikTok/@dylanmulvaney“>

So far, they have managed to hide … I hope those who buy the products take another look at the leadership and practices of the company.

Oh, and let’s not forget COCA COLA as the board of directors considered waging war on states that don’t want to kill babies.

My grandpa was right … hell in a hand-basket.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Musk said flatly there ought be an “age limit for sterilization” and offenders should “go to prison for life.”


I ought to open in saying that Mr. Elon Musk said flatly there ought be an “age limit for sterilization” and also that any doctor or parent that allows sterilization at such young ages should “go to prison for life.”

I have been saying and writing about those same truths and understandings for well over a decade. It was in one of my first posts when I described it as child abuse; I explained that where [and when] I grew up – they’d lock up the parents and the so called quack doctor(s) who did it.

I can’t fathom how this happens; I mourn for the state of the world and cry for the cost the children pay.

I feel for those who don’t understand and yet, I also do believe these are shameful acts upon children and such things are reprehensible, and criminal.  

Elon Musk has now said, decisively … publically, those same things; I say, God Bless his courage in his convictions. I pray he not suffer for declaring it openly and  publically. Kudos, I say, and thank you.

My point? I respect Mr. Musk’s’ courage in this, and other matters; I had little to lose personally for saying what I believe(d). No wealth to lose, no career to lose, no young life(s) at risk; all of which, and each of which, Mr. Musk has to lose … .

He said it anyway! [A man after my own heart].

I say, God Bless his desire, and willingness, to speak so freely in a world when they come to kill people just for a joke, cartoon, point of view, or opinion [contrary to their own].

I respect his courage and am grateful for his voice above the din in this crazy time.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

America’s Left & Right need unite – Reporter films hundreds of military-age Chinese men heading toward US Southern Border

America’s Left & Right need to unite and the time is now.


Anthony Rubin, a Reporter, filmed hundreds of military-age Chinese men heading toward US Southern Border which is what sparked my thoughts.


I am reminded that genuine enemies – who seek to destroy our country and our way of life are pouring into our nation – each with one aim – to destroy what our forefathers gave their lives for – that which our fathers and grand fathers gave so much blood to build, sacrificed so much for … .


They [darker powers in the world] are coming for us and we are bickering over beer and sports and politics!


Left & Right must unite. I did not mean for that to sound like a slogan, nor read like a hyperbolic headline.


It is just a simply stated truth. If we can’t unite to keep this country and our freedoms safe and strong – we’ll have the country no more.


Please, for all our sakes, THINK about that simple truth. Reason it out, please.


Look, If we lose the country – the stupid politics won’t matter!


Let me say it again. This Country needs to change the paradigm or fall. We are Americans after all [or need to be for the great country to live].

Independents. Americans. Real Ones.

And, I tell you for sure … it’s not just China sneaking spies into our midst’s. This Country is under blatant attack – and the enemy has us almost literally dueling in the Halls of Congress and on every major media platform …over nonsense.

 It’s so damned sad.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here’s the clip  of Anthony Rubin’s

Coming soon – Serving in Government ought not be a Career and Serving (people) ought not be a way to grow financial power and wealth.