Biden Admin declares meetings w tech companies is in ‘the public interest’/Drugs, Cell Phones, and Indoctrination

The Biden administration argues in court document ‘irreparable harm,’ as it seeks to keep meetings with Big Tech after ruling ordered it to stop.

They argue that ‘staying the preliminary injunction’ barring them from meeting with tech companies is in ‘the public interest’

I find myself wondering if I have just gotten too old and am plain wrong in my heartfelt beliefs … … am I crazy(?) I ask myself.

No! I am not; nor are a great number of good, wise, men and women in this Country [and around the world].

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

I want to say things to demean the energy and agenda behind this and other frightening current affairs in this country [as well as around the world] but I guess what people don’t know … they don’t know; and trying to point it out – doesn’t help.

The fact is though … I read The Books – still best sellers – and I know how it all comes out. I know these times were predicted – this chaos was Written of long ago. It had to come. It’s Prophecy; and it will get worse before it gets better [no, I am not a bible thumper – but I am a believer].

Back to the story – The Biden administration is arguing in court that it not being able to meet with these Social Media and other companies would cause “irreparable harm.”

Is this the Twilight Zone?

God Bless the Judge who finally acted.

I just did a piece that I haven’t published yet. I think I will include it here … just some food for thought…

Drugs, Cell Phones, & Indoctrination

Some hidden powers that be in this country are driving, steering,  our young men to be weaker, and duller in mind, spirit and body. In plain sight. It is blatant.

Drugs, Cell Phones & Indoctrination via the ‘education system’.

I can’t believe others don’t see it … or don’t care.

The Free Country our fathers, and forefathers fought for – gave their lives for – generations of families in the fields –  be those fields of battle or farming … black and white alike – all of it – all of it – is slipping away.

In some ways, its already gone… .

A simply example that shows the result of the programming of our youth [and adults]: People don’t want to, or can not, serve in meaningful and needed ways. The article linked to below adds – “College has also become a more popular option for high school graduates, with 62% of high school seniors pushed to go directly to college”. Another reason for low recruitment numbers is the perception among some that the military has gone “woke.” The author adds, “The nation is also facing a health crisis among young people with 77 percent of America’s youth not eligible to serve, according to a Pentagon study.”

No one wants to have an Army –  but we damn sure better have one – and it better be strong. [Bless you and thank you to all who served and love those who did and do ..]

Leaders, and peoples,  around the world want what we have … [sadly most Americans don’t even understand what we do have …].

Yes, bad people have destroyed, and are destroying, this once great country.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

God help us.


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