What happened to swaths of earth through Northern Africa and Southern Asia

What happened to swaths of earth through Northern Africa and Southern Asia?

I believe there are other worlds like our Earth in other solar systems. I believe God is the Creator – not only of all things here, but of many worlds.

Further, I believe there have been a number – perhaps many – ‘worlds’ – or Civilizations – right here on Earth; that is to say, other ‘ages’, other ‘dispensations’, other periods of time we have no easy name for  – times before our History, and before the history of Adam. I believe there were Pre Adamic Civilizations right here on our own mother earth.

When I look at a satellite, color, map of the world today – I see a swath of utter destruction right across the earth; places it seems that have been obliterated long, long, ago. The topography – the terrain… it seems wholly out of place. Everything North and South is lush green – beautiful and pristine. It doesn’t fit.

I’ve read many things about a time when God was so outraged by the actions of His creations – that He once shook the earth in a Mighty Way. Looks like He blasted it too. One guess might be, He did it to end the evil races and civilizations whom had become powerful upon the earth in those times.

We know Civilizations do become wicked and God does, as is written in our world – our Scriptures – after the Work of The Savior [Jesus Christ] – The Father, by way of The Son, wipes clean again the earth.

I’m sure He gave them the same Love and Consideration – but then, some teach, He shook the earth in a Mighty Way – and laid waste – it seems to me – to a beautiful and favored part of the earth – to punish the wicked. [Just a sensible hypothesis for me].

Anyway, that is what I see when I look at a satellite map of that part of the world. It’s not natural. It’s evidence of destruction – beyond 10,000 years ago. In my personal opinion, God has been here a lot longer than 7000 -10,000 years [:-)] – and so has the earth. His Work upon it did not just start with Adam [again my personal opinion].

I do believe there were civilizations [not just animals and dinosaurs] upon the earth long before Adam; all Directed by the same Creator. Here, I Call God Jehovah, who later came to dwell with us in the flesh as our Savior, whom we call mortally, Jesus Christ. Who, by the Direction of His, our Father, is The creator of the Earth. He is the same God and Father of Adam, Abraham and us.

His work, and theirs; and our work too, is Eternal.

We don’t know it for sure but my heart suggests it might be true never the less.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


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