There is no process to fully undo or reverse the terror and life long heartache these acts inflict

This young boy was mutilated; and, on some levels, this cannot be ‘reversed’.

There is a term: “detransitioned” but there is no process to fully undo or reverse the terror and lifelong heartache these acts inflict on so many unsuspecting, trusting, children.

Listen, please, to this 20-year-old who got a castration surgery as he speaks out to warn young boys from following in his footsteps.

I knew these were crimes against children – and wrote publically to declare it – years before it all became headlines.

One very frightening fact is how bad it got – how many children were, and will be, mutilated before those powers that be [who advocate for, and perpetrate, these acts] can be stopped.

It is absolutely criminal how so many adults, doctors, parents … continue to double down and continue hurting thousands and thousands of children – ruining them for life – in spite of the most basic of common sense facts and understandings.

I am so sorry for those who have been used and abused by sick, twisted, agenda driven decisions – with the full backing and support of the US Government. It’s all perverse.

The harm done will haunt millions of otherwise healthy children for their entire lives, and the lives of their families, children, and our larger society in general … .

I said then, and now … this is child abuse. I’ve pointed out that in my youth, and in the places where I grew up – [NY, NY] – those who did this(?) would have been arrested and charged with crimes – not protected and encouraged by our US Government and political leaders acting at the direction and behest of very sick and twisted individuals.

This story is heartbreaking. Sadly, there are many thousands like this young person who have had their lives stolen, battered, twisted – by agenda driven, sick, dangerous, people – who are themselves … ‘broken’ [or they would never do these things to innocent children].

I pray for all people being scarred by this and invite you to do the same – and please, speak up … speak out – speak the understandings of your hearts and reverse the course of this abomination.

Yes, in this money loving, world …money can buy so much …

Too much.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is a link to this young person sharing his experiences in hope of helping others avoid the same.

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