“Campus Response Teams’

Mr. Fitzgerald, [UM Public Affairs & Internal Communications]

As I read a news post which includes some of your thoughts as they relate to Campus Response Teams … at University of Michigan.

[Your statement]:  “the settlement makes it ‘abundantly clear’ the lawsuit was unnecessary. …Vigorous debate on all sides of an issue has been a hallmark of this campus before and during the lawsuit. We have confidence that true diversity of thought will continue to flourish on our campus.”

I adamantly disagree.  The inception, and even the existence of such ‘teams’ (and the policies which supported the formation of, and then instituted, such teamsnecessitated the suit. Without doubt.

Further, I am shocked that there are (thinking) people in academia who would support such notions!

University, for me, was an unparalleled opportunity for learning and exploring New Ideas, CHOICES; University allowed me the FREEDOM to believe/ speak/ debate openly and freely [Right-Left – Middle] which, I believe, is paramount to any secondary education process.

Mr. Macintosh was on point: “the campuses which still have Bias Response Teams “inhibit our freedom of speech.” [and worse! They work to change peoples’ behavior through distasteful, intrusive policies and intimidation. “[comment]” Added my this writer, JL]

Attempts to ‘shut down’ reasonable speech [because one person, or a board, or a chairperson does not agree] is not American. The policies UM supported border on Totalitarianism and do not support any notion of ‘University’ that I (and countless Americans) embrace.

I’d give so much if you, and others, would simply take an honest look; Universities were not intended to produce cookie cutter graduates who all think alike – and, such an attempt is an enormous disservice to your students, the country, and the world.

You, Mr. Fitzgerald, are on the wrong side of this debate; your vision of ‘changing the world’ [in my opinion] needs reevaluating.

Yes, hate, bios through ignorance, bullying … are all bad … but your [Universities] (final?) solution … is worse than the problem.

It can NOT  be ‘our way … or the highway’ (not when it comes to University and THESE ideals.  For such notions one sided notions* – those in charge at UM are in the wrong profession.

*Such notions are fine and good for any individual, or even groups of individuals – but not for University.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

If you have not seen the piece – here is a link: https://www.foxnews.com/media/university-michigan-campus-bias-team-free-speech

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