Thanks for stopping by …

Thanks for stopping by ….appeargone.gif

I have been out sick for a few uncomfortable weeks – and I apologize in that I mostly write from my heart and, at times, that necessitates my being relatively healthy … . When I’m sick [almost 3 weeks of fever] – I choose to take a step back.

Your understanding is appreciated … very much,


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Oh, by the way – the appearance of Google CEO Pichai – seems to have CLEARLY brought a fast positive result to YouTube Searches. I am actually amazed at the remarkable change … overnight.

Thanks all the representatives that stood to speak the truth … and please … PLEASE, do Not take this as a win … this is only the tip of the ‘iceberg’ … and I believe most of our reps [Senators on that committee] know this to be true.

They [Google] are more powerful and prevalent in the US, and The World – THAN THE US GOVERNMENT! [because they have no oversightand, because they caught us asleep at the wheel].

George Orwell was not even close in his insightful ‘1984’ when he imagined the worst case scenario for today in 2018. Google is a genuine threat – a clear and present danger – to the sovereignty of the United States of America.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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