This must go in front of the Supreme Court of The United Starts of America – Transgender Children

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Where I come from [America!] it is indisputable that causing, helping, allowing, encouraging – in any shape, form, or manner, a child – in some cases under twelve [12][!] years old – to change their physical and psychological gender…is not only despicable … it is child abuse and illegal.

No matter how you frame it, or define it, or spin it … – it is child abuse! And, if it is not … then the Law(s) needs to catch up to the perversions in today’s society.

It is also, I suggest, Malpractice for any Doctor, Therapist, Counselor, or Surgeon to do the same!

It is irrelevant but I wonder how much the State and Federal Governments are contributing in terms of medical cost coverage?

I don’t know the law – but it MUST be illegal; it MUST be against the law – but somehow, it is not being characterized or recognized as such by those we trust to safeguard our society.

WE fell asleep, got distracted, became smug … I don’t know … but we let this crap slip in through the front door … one step at a time …. now, a story as the one that prompted me to write this – does not even cause a second thought or raised eyebrow. It is deplorable – in the correct use of the word.

There is no doubt that a child who ‘chooses’ this is being influencedabusively. How can we allow any ‘parent’ or guardian to perpetrate such a vile, heinous, act?

I don’t know how to frame it ‘legally’ – I don’t know what law it violates as far as the penal codes – and I don’t know how to present it in a manner that might cause someone to take official notice and effect an arrest or at the very least – begin working to put a stop to such procedures and acts. Someone needs take it to a judge for God’s sake and get in injunction – a ‘moratorium’ across the board…something…. lives are being irreversibly damaged. This must go in front of the Supreme Court of The United Starts of America.

Finally, I am not a bigot or hater. I am not an activist on any side or perspective … but this kind of insidious, creeping, change – that ultimately effects all of us … is sick, wrong … surely illegal; and if it’s not … it ought to be – would be – if our forefathers had foreseen the sickness in today’s Republic.

I just deleted pages of examples that are so absurd to read them almost suggests they are parodies; they were not. I urge you to search some answers and examples…

Kindergarten Kid sent to principal’s office for saying ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ when HE was a SHE last year!

Teacher in Kindergarten does a special class around a Gender Change Reveal of a studen/classmate.

Etc. Etc.     Etc. Etc.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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