American Express CRT training urged staff to adopt a hierarchy, putting ‘marginalized’ above ‘privileged’

American Express launched a critical race theory training that urged employees to check their privilege and defer to employees from “marginalized groups,” essentially creating a workplace hierarchy.

This is really nuts…. I laughed out loud when I read:

In another session, consultants instructed employees to change their behavior in the office based on their relative position on the intersectional hierarchy. According to Rufo, the session included “a blue flowchart with specific rules for interacting with black, female and LGBT employees: If members of a subordinate group are present, workers should practice ‘intersectional allyship’ and defer to them before speaking.”


The problem is they aren’t kidding. And, by ‘they’ I mean a small portion of the population that is bent on changing the world and the way we think … to suit them. The tail wagging the dog. It’s nuts.

Now we must treat those who are in the minority – not equally – but as Kings and Queens [no pun intended]… we must treat them special or the powers that be will surely get you.

I’m glad I am old.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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