Great Things Happen One Step At A Time.

Forgive this most unexciting recommendation … I do write from my heart when impressed to and this is one of those instances when an idea continues to be present in my heart and my thinking – even if it seems ‘trivial’.

I will likely be snickered at again for posting this idea; I posted it similarly – a few years back. It has to do with something many of you can relate to – be it in your own life experience – or by the experience you observe in the life of a friend or family member. Considering the chaos in the world today – indeed it is a small matter; and yet, it seems there is value in changing it … because we can [and ought to].

PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES – Dozens and even Tens of Dozens – large and small plastic bottles here, there, and everywhere …  in most every home in America – and more and more come each month!


It seems a trivial matter – and yet, I beg you consider just how many of these bottles are choking our environment – plastics that are really, really, really harsh and bad for us, and for the Earth.

The millions and millions [and my own many dozens] a year – will surely out last me – choking landfills and our oceans – hurting, even very literally, our precious wild life and eco systems  … and so needlessly; not to mention the disgusting waste and harm in the manufacturing processes.

One single leader and forward thinking man or woman – cause a shift – EASILY – and help us move to a more sustainable, eco friendly, model where we use and reuse GLASS Rx Bottles.

Look, it won’t change the world – but it sure will help and maybe even begin a trend. Why not? Look what was achieved in NYS and other states with Disposable Plastic Grocery Bags!!!! [some say ‘silly’]

The politics were miserable … some stores even ridiculously had to have us reach into our pockets to pay a nickel or dime per bag – for good old fashioned brown paper bags … Even so, it was the better way to go … and, we adjusted.

I love that animals, fish, and the Earth in general are not choking on all those bags – even my grocery bags – any longer.

Let’s stop tossing millions and millions of Rx Plastic Bottles in the trash!

Yes, only a small part of the problem – but great things happen one step at a time.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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