King, Kennedy, and Kennedy Democrats

I am a Kennedy, King, Kennedy Democrat; a breed like no other … which is not the Democratic Party of Today!                                                 

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I am not an experienced political person. A decade ago, I did not understand the basic differences between the Democratic and Republican perspectives and ideologies beyond the intellectual concepts I’d absorbed as a child [nothing as a teen or young adult]. I knew what I learned as a kid growing up in NYC: Democrats were for the poor; that always seemed pretty good to me, and I believed it…so, many years later when I registered to vote … I proudly registered as a Democrat.

I honestly do not remember who I voted for the first time or why; and, I never paused long enough to think about it. I liked people for who they were, their values, their personalities – I chose by what I felt in my heart after making personal observations… not Left or Right … Conservative, Liberal, or Moderate [what’s that in 2018?].

40 years later, I have paused to take a closer look:  Why was/ am I a registered Democrat and why have I stayed that way my entire adult life?

A recent documentary – Bobby Kennedy for President – quickly reminded me why I chose Democrat: I am a Kennedy, King, Kennedy Democrat; a breed like no other!

My choice of Party was sealed in those years of the 1960’s – Alabama, Mississippi, Civil Rights, … Segregation, Racism, Vietnam,  … these were the definitive issues of the times [and Woodstock; when I make a ‘V’ with my fingers – it is NOT for ‘Victory’…it is a Peace sign].

I remember, so personally, so vividly – all of it… the rioting in the streets, the school buses being turned over – Police, National Guard, in full riot gear as we [as a Generation] stood fast – both for Civil Rights and to end the Vietnam war.

Suddenly, it seemed, one after the other – shots rang out – Kennedy, King, and Kennedy … all ripped from the arms of this Nation. These events shaped many of us – even galvanized us – and then, – as we mourned – the party abandoned us.

So, I never really was ‘a Democrat’ by today’s terms; no, I was a Kennedy and King Democrat.

Unlike today where we have what we have – Clintons, Trump, Bush’s/ CNN and Fox News. Sheesh.

I began this note after reflecting on a hope and prayer regarding the new Trump Administration- that we might see the same kind of demand for growth in the human condition in today’s America – the America of our Founding Fathers – the America of Kennedy, King … . I remember praying that President Trump meant what he said about fixing *’that’ problem.

*’that’ problem being the loss of too many generations of African American families; that problem being our cities that are slums and poverty ridden – which has become [by our own hand] generational. WE, as a Nation, need to fix it; forget this blaming the victim – there is enough blame to go around. I’d hoped [I prayed] God might use our current President – President Trump to begin the necessary work.

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To finish this up: Much later in life, I recognize that the powers that be are providing me [and the country] with essentially just two choices – ‘Conservative’ or ‘Liberal’ .. ‘Moderate’ or ‘Progressive’ …’Left’ or ‘Right’.

I need to warn the reader here – I am prejudiced in this opinion~

You see, I believe in the Divinity in the founding of this Nation. Under God. And by ‘God’, I mean God of the Old and New Testament. The God of Abraham – the very one the Muslims, Jews, and Christians pray to… .

So, when one side seems to want to erase that God from this country and from the minds of our citizens, when one (or a government) wants to encourage the taking of lives from mother’s wombs, when one says: youth, sexuality, power and dollars are the most important parts of this mortal life, when they ‘set up’ [to fall] good cultures and our collective American society – when those dark powers that be plan and work to break down the very basic and precious fabric of society – The Family …that is where I get/got off the bus.

In my heart, I have only one choice. And, the sad part is that there are so many good and right things about the Democratic Party that I knew… but those values, that core … no longer exists. Crazy people got into positions of power across the country [over a few decades] and high-jacked that Party and the hearts of so many good people.

Yup, I am a Kennedy, King, and Kennedy Democrat – a breed that seems extinct [or hibernating] -which is NOT the Democratic Party today – so I am no longer, really, a member of that party; for me, that great party died with those great men.

I’m just sayin’ … .

Coming SoonWhy my vote for President Trump will help me get back my country – even if President Trump’s agenda has its own pitfalls and centers close [also] towards ‘self’ and a desire for wealth and power.

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