BACK IT UP! /Cybersecurity experts warn Baltimore to stop ‘playing’ with ransomware attacks

Sometimes, even the most capable person, or group of persons, struggles to see obvious flaws in their plans or strategies – bright and able people are overcome by costs and bottom lines; good, smart folks are forces to make hard choices – and, one result steers them to save a penny – without understanding the larger risk – which is so, so, much more.

I am an amateur with some good experiences that followed bad experiences. Who among us has not lost some data at one time or another … letters, emails, images …phonebook data …?

I learned, if it’s important informationBACK IT UP!

Millions of businesses, government enterprises, corporations … and even simple guys like me … do it; and do it often. Even small enterprises – whom do ‘business’ with the NYS Government .. like OMH and their accredited enterprises – even small ones – they were backing up – EVERY DAY – at the end of each day … ALL FILES and DATA … and, you know what – that was in 1987! FULL DAILY BACKUPS. [This writer is retired].

So, I can’t imagine what kind of training these government officials have, or are required to have, … but to back up your data is basic Survival 101.

Why aren’t the Cities files simply backed up? It’s a one click task! Today there are seamless back up services – and there is a wide range of options … each enabling the person or entity to fully restore their data. Fully Restore.

Haven’t they heard of heard of ‘Carbonite’? … and many similar options; doubly fast and easy today with Cloud Computing and Storage.

Oh, one more thing – the perpetrators, the lowly, thieving, unscrupulous persons responsible? For sure, they are the bad guys here – no doubt; we need law to catch up and provide genuine consequences for these corrupt enterprises but, gee, …I can’t help asking myself aloud … all those smart people in that local government and its municipalities … and not one thought MAYBE we ought to spend a penny to save ALL THE DATA OF THE CITY ….?

This is the take away here: Systems are going to be hacked – we are all at risk; if anyone – or any entity – gets ‘targeted’ – little will keep a sophisticated hacker out … so the answer is to have the data backed up.

So, back it up!

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here is the Baltimore Story that prompted my thoughts:

Cybersecurity experts say Baltimore is playing with fire as a deadline to pay thousands of dollars in ransom to hackers holding several of the city’s servers hostage has come and gone.

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