Iowa father hailed a hero after he dies while saving daughter, 5, from dog attack

An Iowa man died over the weekend after police say he was fatally injured while saving the life of his 5-year-old daughter who had been mauled by a dog.

This makes me so sad … and frustrated, and angry. My heart is heavy and I pray comfort and blessings upon those who lived … and my God welcome and hold close – the man – the father and husband … that was killed.

I have written many times of the subject of killer dogs … literal deadly weapons when raised by so many people for so many wrong reasons. Personally, I believe the breeds in question – ought to be illegal. This is one kind of animal that man made common – that we can do without!

Killers* they are … born and bred to be.

*Not every single one, not all; I understand, and know for sure – there are exceptions!

Never the less, the breeds are prone … pre-determined genetically – to behave in very dangerous, very inhumane ways – particularly with an ‘eye’ toward small dogs, children, and even big strong adults when such situation presents.

A man [or woman] without a gun or weapon – and the determination to use it – will be killed if such a dog attacks. No doubt.

The breed(s) need to be outlawed.


I’m just sayin’ … .

The story today that prompted my remarks?

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