THIS CAN HAPPEN TO YOUR CHILD or YOU Man rescues boy, 6, from dog attack in Texas

This is a topic I have written about for years and sadly, it is getting worse because ignorant, [and often too] dangerous, people want them as either pets or weapons.

I urge you to watch this video – even if you don’t read the post:

There are breeds of dogs that simply are not safe around other pets, children, or people… no matter the size or age of the people. These dogs are often raised with a standard training regimen to increase their strength to beyond many times a man.

Thank God this one was not ‘mean’ … just an instinctively, domineering, and dangerous beast. Again, thank God. Often people, out of ignorance believe the hyped narrative ‘it’s not the breed of the dog’ ‘it is determined by the training, love, raising of the dog… .


These dogs give true reason for the argument of carrying a hand gun; this little boy was fortunate beyond explanation – and I am so grateful and appreciative for the older, young man who ran to his rescue! A hero for sure! [It could have easily gone another way].

I urge anyone who will listen – stay away from these dogs. Don’t buy them, don’t adopt them. They are not pets! They are innately dangerous!

Now, please understand there is, and always will be, ‘exceptions’. Not every dog of these breeds … is a killer; however, the odds are against you if you try to determine one from the other; … and it could [has] cost a life trying to figure it out.

I am a believer in freedoms to choose – but in this case, we need a law. We do not need these animals in our neighborhoods.

I’m just sayin’ . …

Here is a link to an earlier story from June

Here is the piece that prompted this latest post from Fox News: A 19-year-old man was caught on surveillance video running to save a 6-year-old who was being attacked by a dog in Texas on Sunday.

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