Transgendered Children

Subject: Transgendered Children

Transgendered Six Year Olds – Revisited  [July 31, 2019]


As many of you, over the last few years, I’ve heard, more and more, the word ‘transgender’ and similar terms with growing interest. Media seemed to want me to believe there were millions in every city, every town, every village, college, high schooland suddenly … in kindergartens.

I’ve learned there seems to be more and more young adults claiming such status. OK by me – it’s a free Country…but how in the world can this be true when it comes to Children?

When it came to Children I just had to scratch my head.

Mom fights for 5-year-old’s bathroom rights [of transgender child]

Understand, really, I am not a homophobe, nor hateful of, or toward, any good person… on the other hand, I do not believe our moral codes, our moral characters, our laws, our consciousness … are ‘situational’ positions; I don’t believe that we ought to change our moral foundations to suit ‘the times‘.

So, I asked myself…

How can this be possible? And, I know this sets me up to be called hateful, bad, crazy, etc. etc. … but, even so:

How can a five year old [any child] be in the process of ‘transgender’? Medical and/or Psychological?!!

[…in the care of ‘doctors’?!]

Now, understand this is not an accusation in the particular – but an observation in the general:

*This is Child Abuse!

*Again, perhaps not this particular case-I am not privy to details-maybe there were physiological birth anomalies that demanded a decision(?)

Even so, as the writer or that article cited studies of how this, and that "‘impacts’ such transitions" and I was immediately prompted in my mind to ask …well...

HOW MANY CASES ARE THERE? And, perhaps most importantly: Why? Why are there ANY?


Hmmm. What’s that again? Transgendered Children?

Look,  where/when I grew up – which was not that long ago – or that far away – it was, is, a crime for a Parent to bring a child to an MD, Surgeon, or Psychiatrist – and declare [or have one of the ‘doctors’ proclaim or declare] that the child is really the opposite gender – trapped in the wrong sexed body… AND we must ‘help’ it with therapy, drugs, and surgery.


No Doubt.

AND IF– any, or all, of these adults acted on this absurdity – people would have been tried and convicted of child abuse – pure and simple…and go to jail.

So, how are there thousands of these poor children being horribly abused and confused by the parents, adults, professionals in their lives?

How many are there? Whose paying for this kind of care? Who is delivering it?

Really, what Doctors are doing this to kids? And, why are they getting away with it? I don’t know how, but someone, some way,  needs to get a case in front of the Supreme Court of The United States of America … and stop this practice.

Sigh, I am 63 years old. I get how out of touch those few questions paint me … but, I’m not the idiot some would suggest. These things make me feel sick – and I know in my heart that to perpetrate these things upon children … is wrong; it is a sin, and I believe very strongly – IT IS AGAINST THE LAW.

Not to demean those struggling, nor minimize the pain of the people caught in the challenges of such feelings and choices – I love them the same as I love myself… never the less … it is wrong.

That said, I can’t help to go on to say that /this IS a plot a very sinister plot; and I don’t care if it turns out that I’m the one that seems crazy.

[Wow.] How can it be true that such a small percent of differently thinking people, who are hell bent on changing the very country we live in…to suit themselves – got, and are getting, away with it?

How did they get to the point where the tail is wagging the dog …?

How did that work?

[I can tell you, drop me a note – I have a composition and will post a copy as soon as I find and review it.]

I digress. Complex subject for any format…

Let me just point out that I’m just saying some tricksters, and persons with different ideas than 90% of the people, persons with very powerful personal interests and agendas … have used our desire to be fair to all – and use it against us… [Discrimination Laws].

How can we allow adults to change the sex of children? Any adults? Any Children? [Beyond birth defects or anomalies?]

And, again, if an adult wants to have a gender change – that’s their business.. God Bless them…  but leave the children alone.

We need laws.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


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