“Go To Hell”

From time to time, you may read the words ‘Go To Hell‘ in my written pieces.

I want to take a minute to define the term As I Use It:

Hell: A place, or state of being, where God places a man or woman to fully experience in heart and soul what they have wrought and delivered unto others! It is a place where souls must contend with others – JUST LIKE THEY WERE ON EARTH! Further. My working definition is similar to a Catholic notion ‘purgatory’; … in my notion of ‘Hell’ the consequence of torment … is temporary; it becomes a tool for teaching.

So, not only do I define my term for the reader, when I pray to God I ask He understand too: When I use the words ‘Go To Hell’ – that is what I mean.

Many in this upside down world need to Go To Hell – at least for a while.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

I know earth does feel, or seem, like Hell – for far too many people. It is not; and, I pray that you, who feel that, find your way – find your refuge, in God. [jl/Editor]


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