God will bless you; … strengthen, welcome, and bless them too. You know. I know. We know.

Sadly, we have so many young men and women, especially including adolescents and children, whom are confused, befuddled, frustrated and angry because they simply have no internalized concept of ‘who they are’ ‘where they come from’ [in a spiritual sense], ‘why they are here’ [on earth] – and what happens after this life(?)

There is such an empty place in the hearts of, now, generations of  souls – and, no one – not even our Ministries of Faith – seem willing to get up and remind people why Religion is so important. 

Clay Christensen says it so much better than I

From the very beginnings of this country – religion was an intricate part of the fabric of family life and of this very country. It was ‘understood’ that there was a God, a clear Good, an indisputable Bad; … and kids had families in which they were taught to read the bible, understand moral values and concepts – and, maybe most of all – people were taught to respect Gods law which had become Man’s law. Scripture shaped the law – around the world in many countries, and in our own America by virtue of our Constitution,  in the very founding of this country.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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