The desire to change the status quo in inner city areas – is a movement of love

As Portland, Ore., is gearing up for a set of dueling rallies this weekend – I believe that Dinesh D’Souza makes an important and necessary point in this piece [link  below].

He offers a few comparisons regarding slums –  in India on one hand – and in the US on the other … and he is correct. However, even, if I disagreed with the points here or in other pieces [on this issue] that I post – I see the value in having the discussions. Nationwide.

We NEED the focus of attention on atrocities, and general affronts to humanity, which the slums in these cities [most every city!] represent.

The larger effort to speak out on these realities is NOT racist. I suggest that for many good men and women; the cry for, and desire to, change the status quotient – is a movement of love*.

*Yes, that notion is not true for all in the mix; and, yes, for some it is politics in a continuing struggle for power. However, for others – it is a genuine desire, an effort grown from love, for all good men and women to experience meaningful, good, and positive change in their lives.

Here is a link to the piece that prompted the sharing my own view. In fact, it seems the video clip of D’Sousa and Fox Commentator – has little to do with the headline of the story regarding a coming [sure to be] clash between ‘Antifa’ and its ‘opposing’ group of troublemakers.

I’m just Sayin’ …

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