General Flynn? He should be awarded a medal; and, this outcome will be far better than a pardon.

I don’t pretend to know more than any person who may be reading this; even so, I sense, surmise, deduce, …  activities that came to surround General Michael Flynn after the election of President Trump is mind boggling, sad; … and very, very wrong. Immoral at least, and illegal as well. Frankly, – the word ‘sinful’ comes to mind.

I can not imagine how despondent, rejected, abandoned, alone … [General Flynn] felt in those days, weeks, months … while ‘the good guys’ slowly, [albeit surely], gathered their resources and information to right the many wrongs wrought upon him, his family, his friends, those who served with, and under him, and above him. A lifetime turned upside down.

Deep State? Yup. Remarkably, there has been such a ‘thing’ for many, many, years – but only recently has so much attention been devoted to shedding some light on the notion; and, it still needs more light so that The People can better understand and direct their government in right and positive ways.

General Flynn? He should be awarded a medal; further, although this process was surely painful, hurtful, harmful to [General Flynn’s] health, well being, spirit … I believe the outcome is an incalculably better by far than a quick presidential pardon. A pardon would have left a cloud … forever.

General Flynn, you and yours, have been and will remain in the prayers of millions of Americans. We regret the price you paid … for our freedoms to [ultimately] be better protected; it was sinful what was done to you.

With great thanks … .

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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