I’m Just Sayin’ … .


All Who Visit, Read, and especially those who have shared back you own positions, thoughts, and opinions… … …

Thank you.

I have made a decision in regard to the dynamics which were a part of the foundation of my compositions and opinions expressed here:

They are about to change.

I stand by my compositions – and the positions I chose to take, and express; I believe it is necessary to provide genuine opposition to darker aims and deeds we see more and more in the world today.

The current direction of, and the discourse in, the world today … are both [to me] unacceptable.

I believe we, that is to say, all men and women of faith we who believe in, and work to live by, the Will of our Heavenly Father … (we)must .. MUST – stand, speak, and be counted.

My ability to express myself using the written word – is a Gift, a Talent; and, (I hope) I exercised it accordingly.

In my writings, musings, and heartfelt  positions – I called crazy for crazydangerous for dangerous, wrong for wrong … in clear, and decisive ways. I make no apology for doing so; and yet, I recognize in myself – a need to return to a different approach toward the same outcome [stand, speak, and be counted].

In all my years, in spite of my strong feelings – and frustrating circumstances that dominated my younger life – I acted always to unite, to bring people together, to heal differences, and sought always to offer comfort over confrontation.

My posture through my compositions has been strong [as it needed to be] however, it was also divisive [and didn’t necessarily need to be].

I will repeat a familiar phrase that came to mind as I contemplated my own path forward; it is one I have heard repeated in recent weeks – in a range of ‘disconnected’ circumstances:

            ‘What would Jesus Do?’ [The answer to that question, under all circumstances, is admittedly important to me in my life, however, frankly – it is not a phrase in my everyday lexicon.]

Well, if my memory serves me, and if you will allow a perspective that allows for a bit of jest [in truth]:

He, Jesus, – both – turned over some tables [when it was rightly needed] – and too  – He showed, gave, taught … Love for all. He provided all of us an exceptional example, and ultimately gave His life to do His Fathers Work [to Save all mankind – at least, all whom will].

Christ lived, suffered, and died … to Save us and serve … us; in the Will of The Father – Jesus gave His mortal life, in an unimaginable way, to teach, … to save US.

I cannot save the world, but I can [and do] work to emulate our Savior in my own life today; … and yes, [now] I’ve turned over a few tablesas did our Savior in the temple … .

I hope to remain provocative – however, I wish to provoke people to Love one and other; and, I choose to employ compassion over confrontation. My desire is to teach by good example and not by knee jerk [or even well thought out] arguments which push (even moderate) people into polarized positions.

I will continue writing – and, I hope, always will I stand to be counted; that said, I will choose a different method – I will emulate more, our Saviors love and compassion, rather than disdain and confrontation.

I’m Just Sayin’ …


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