I’m not an economist [ although I did take economics 101], and I am no reader of the future … but even the kid who never came to class would guess that we are in for a bout of inflation unlike we’ve ever seen.

I remember stickers on soup cans … .21¢ .23¢, .25¢, .30¢, .35¢, .40¢, .50¢ …. one little square sticker on top of another, week after week! It was mind boggling for a couple starting out in life after college. Books report inflation was about 12% but it felt more like 50%!

Last week, Wendy’s tried to charge me $15 for a hamburger and fries [I told them I changed my mind]. This is going to be worse than the 1980’s

AS I said, I am no expert – but if you have anything to ‘invest’ – I recommend you research what does best through inflationary years and buy it; … a lot of it.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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