[Chirp, Chirp Chirp]

Waking before the sun in the mornings these days?

Is the world upside down pressing on you?

Are you seeking something, anything, in the world that might lift and brighten your day?

Then, the next time you wake up before 5AM – I invite you to get up, open your window a little (turn off the fan or ac too) and return to bed; then lay quietly in the dark, in the silence, and offer a prayer.

Very quietly in prayer, reflect upon the many blessings you’ve enjoyed through your life …

All the while, keep listening:

A beautiful, great, quiet – yet powerful, subtle – yet unmistakable, sound will come

As you pray, suddenly, something very sweet will break the silence.

What was that? There it is again ... still faint, yet much more distinct the second time … and now by the third time … the sound is unmistakable – there it is again! J

Chirp. J Chirp Chirp …

Open your eyes, smile, thank your Heavenly Father, finish your prayer and say ‘good morning’ to those first early birds that invite the sunrise – every day even through the madness of 2020….

 Keep smiling … and begin your day – the day God has blessed you to have – with a newly recognized gratitude in your heart. Be daily mindful that God so loves you that He created it all – all of it – that you may have this life! Even this day; even the first songs of the mornings.

Those first "Chirps"? Those are just one reminder in this upside down world; I hope you hear them all …

  [Chirp, Chirp Chirp!]

God, Loves You!


I’m Just Sayin’ … .


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