Crime and Punishment in 2020

Crime and Punishment in 2020 & Beyond

Clearly we have a wide range and depth of issues in our cities, and with people living in the impoverished areas within them – which our larger society with the individual neighborhoods and communities together – must address.

I have no need to ‘guess’ why Rayshard Brooks fought so hard that fateful night – because I know; and so, I have an insight and offer a partial solution to add to the discussion.

It’s not THE solution but if we begin to shift our point of view – just a little – maybe we can take a fair swing at real change for many people.

This man, and so many others, fought [and fight] because he wanted to go HOME that fateful night.

It’s that simple; and that complex. If we had some National Standard where … IF a subject of police contact has not committed violence in any way – that person can expect to go home that day [after processing and arraignment].

That man would be alive if that was the law of the land. It matters not if he had drugs in his pocket, unpaid parking tickets, was intoxicated, has no drivers’ license, or just smelled bad and had a lousy attitude.

The Subject Goes Home That Day; [unless violence is a part of the reason for arrest].

This simple standard puts Justice back in the courts, and, ultimately back into the hands of the People and takes a great deal of stress of ‘routine’ police interactions and encounters.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


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