When They Broke The Family-They Broke The World

In the year 2020 it can be a real stretch for some to try and understand how the strength of the world, the strength of humanity, the strength of the individual – lies in The Family [and, its natural structure].

A family, separate from artificially imposed limits and rules, is the fundamental unit of a society – any society is the family; and good families always look back to their beginnings – their forefathers –  even our Heavenly Father.

Even if one looks back to the very early beginnings of the world as we know it -we all come from a Family [Adam and Eve] … Israel itself – was, is, a Family.

In times gone by – good families grew to be the size of villages, and small cities [by today’s measure] – but they were families none the less.

Imagine if you will, a family in the country – taking up life on a small farm. Two people – and then three, four … and so it goes and grows… for generations.

This is the natural habitat of a family.

I invite you to stretch your thinking a bit … imagine the farm becomes – A world unto itself! Such a family endeavor, such an undertaking truly becomes likened to an entire world – the proverbial microcosm.

Everyone has a part, a purpose – everyone shares the work and the reward; now really fire up your imagination and recognize that in these worlds, in these families – God is at the center.

All are taught a genuine understanding of our nature, God’s nature is the fabric of these worlds … all are taught their direct lines – spiritual and temporal – back to God.

 These families flourish(ed); they grow, they ‘bud’ off … and each thrives with God at its center. So did this Country of America grow – with God at its center.

And, I repeat – when God is at the center of a family – indeed, He is at the center of a World; and, any world that has God at its center – any family that has God at its center … is blessed, remains healthy and strong.

When business, finance, economics, politics – [of cities – of evil men] forced a change in this pattern.

Capitalists, greed, short sighted politicians paired with evil men and their agendas came in huge waves. People [over time] lost their good, right, and natural worlds; they lost their way – they lost their family – and in that, too – they lost sight of God.

Sadly, fiercely, the dynamics of ‘family’ – the love and respect for God, The Commandments – the very nature that held us together and brought us health … all were torn asunder – the family structure at its core was undermined and systematically destroyed.

 Cities grew, ‘The Country Farm(s)’ turned into suburbs, and into malls, small towns and villages vanished – families changed – lives … changed; …

Today, brainwashed and overwhelmed are so many!w e all had to make and want and have … ‘stuff’ … It happened oh so slowly as we drove our fancy cars and watched our color tv’s.

And, in a few generations, with a wink and a nod – we got our shiny stuff as we mindlessly worked to build the infrastructure that brings us –  to today – and the persecution of anything remotely connected to God … – but that is another story. [Stop by again soon]

Men and women were never meant to live in these monsters we call cities!

When they broke the family … they broke the World.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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