Today We Need Run Toward Our Churches … Not Away From Them

Today, We Need Run Toward Our Churches … Not Away From Them

Especially in this age of extremism, in both headlines and actions [by people, localities, groups, governments …], I wish to offer a thought about the need for Religion. The need today for Churches, Mosques, Temples – genuine neighborhood religious congregations – across America; and, the need for them to grow.

My notion is far from ‘an original’ thought and I will offer a link at the close of my comments to a short video from a man who says it very eloquently and drives my point home decisively.

Like many of you, I read a lot of headlines each day – and even understanding the editors are vying for attention with hyperbole angry overtones – once in awhile I have to ‘bite’ and investigate further – asking: Can it be true? And, if so – why, oh why, on earth … can it be true?

In this case, what sparked my attention was the ‘headline’:

Maine single mother facing eviction offered tent and camping gear by city”. Link if you desire


Yes, there is more to the story – so I included a link – you can decide if the option was viable in this case – but, please, I’d like to address a larger point.

There are reasons, in today’s society, for these things to be happening with alarming increase [which too many are overlooking]; and, sadly too, we have come to an age where even many religious leaders have succumbed to the onslaught of what so many insist is today’s “status quo”.

Separately, it is NOT the status quo, and that is an important point to teach to others in our circles – however, that is a topic of another composition referenced below as that is the ‘tail wagging the dog’.

I regret to report by personal experience that leaders of great Churches across the country are afraid to say: Church is important [to the point of suggesting that to invite others to join (any religion) is offensive]. I say ‘nonsense’.

Too many will not declare today the simple fact that religion – even Christianity – is central to the foundations of this great country.

Pastors, Priests, Imams, Ministers, Reverends, Rabbi’s are in fear to stand up and declare it is [more than] a little important to find a religion – become a part of a congregation – join a Church that serves God, humanity, and ideals that help people make their lives better.

Forgive a short digression as I ‘say aloud’ that Biblical religions – of every type – today – even fear to say that the notion of a Traditional Family is The Best foundation for this society.

Quickly, [lest I be wrongly labeled a hater] I declare my love for all kinds of families – but the best outcome grows from when we embrace the model where there is a mother, a father, and stable home. Homes in which mothers have time to mother, and fathers have both opportunity to provide financially – AND have time to share with, and grow with, love his family.

Our neighborhoods, cities, and states – the people of our very Country – genuinely need to reconnect with the Values we learn in those Churches. Churches teach values, and promote Faith … in God …and, they work to strengthen that faith – strengthen the people – all of them!

People, in their religious faith, grow; and they love and help each other. Maybe the Government needs to get out of the welfare business and allow … even encourage – religions to do their Work.

Churches i.e. Religious Congregations – be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist – are an essential part of America! And not just as memorials or aging and empty ‘monuments’ on our street corners! What we learn in those great houses of God is fundamental to the nature of being human on earth.

And for the naysayers … I don’t know a religion where God is not synonymous with Love – my notions are inclusive – not one national religion, nor is it some path to exclude those with no religion.

I am simply asking we understand better the importance of a religion  … join a Mosque, Temple, Church … and openly invite God back into our Country, and our lives. If some choose not to accept God – that’s fine – but stand clear of those who do. [See my composition about ‘the tail wagging the dog’ in this country]. Send me a note – I’ll happily send a copy.

In closing, this is a Judeo-Christian Country – America. Its Values’ are built on a Judeo Christian, Biblical, foundation – like it or not; and, I am saying for sure – this country needs its Churches [speaking of ALL churches, temples, mosques … combined-plural]  – every one of them – because without themour society fails!

Please take a minute to listen, and watch, a short clip of Clay Christensen from Harvard on this very important topic:


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