(So,) You Want To Change The World?

(So,) You Want To Change The World?

I think, on some level, many of us wish we could change the world; further, I am happy to report that many of us can … and, do!

First, What do I work to help to achieve?

I have often, reluctantly, admitted to a life-long, strongly held hope, wish, and desire of my own – a deep seated need –                ……        ……   I want to change the world; it’s in my DNA.

I admit it; I want to change The World.

I used to quickly add, with a sort of ‘shucks’ and looking at the floor …

‘Yes, I know how arrogant it is to hope to change the world!’.

I am not The Savior and even with the greatest desire … I cannot change the world!

Or, can I?   /\   Can you?

Well, I thought, ‘The Savior will come’ – and ‘He will change The World’ [again].

And, so, until then – for me – the question for me becomes

What Can I do To Help?

One of the Gifts given me by God is a heightened ability to recognize in honest and loving ways -‘truths’; and then to reflect them back in a loving and good light in attempts to support a persons’ progression [toward becoming a fully functioning person] (an old professor, non-religious, used to use the term … ‘Fully Actualized’).

For me, today, it is more of a growing in The Gospel [Progression] – a lifelong process of moving closer to [and understanding] God [and adjusting ones’ life accordingly].

I use my sensitivities, my abilities to connect with people, my gift to see truths in both people and matters …. – always I use – to help, to heal, … to bring people together in efforts to unite positive energies for good and right purposes [Gospel Principles and Purposes].

In short – I Work To Help People Grow.

This Blog is a growing, changing, tool to do just that – to help you [and me] to recognize truths, think about them, reflect upon how they impact our lives, and ultimately to use it all to help us all Progress.


You CAN Change The World! [and so can I]


I’m Just Sayin’ … .


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