Reproductive Rights – are NOT!

The term Reproductive Rights – are NOT! These words really mean Abortion (and Killing babies). These words, these notions, are a trick of language.

Abortions are considered forms of ‘birth control’ to too many people [reproductive rights means killing unborn children by abortion!].   Don’t be tricked.

Shame on those who favor, and advocate for it.

I, myself, was tricked by language and faulty logic in my college years. The language? “Woman’s Right To Choose” (what happens in her body).

It made logical sense to me in the vacuum of my youthful ignorance … of course any man or women has the right to choose what happens to them; I believed. However, that was only half the equation…and I regret forever that not until later when my heart had me I consider the LIFE of the baby – did I understand the truth.

The notion of free choice for a woman was, and is, a bold lie – a half truth that hides the other side of the equation [the life of the child] by the powers that be – who were, and are, driving the narrative!

It was a trick! A lie… .

Children are ALIVE in the womb of a woman! Alive. They feel, dream, move … .

Abortion is sinful. For my part, early choices: I was ignorant. I couldn’t ‘see’ the truths [as is the case, I believe, for so many men and women today]. I am sorry for my part.

I have no living children today. I do not know, one way or the other, if God allows these unborn children a second chance to experience the blessings of this mortal life … or if the short lives of all those children remains an ugly, permanent, result of our own mortal choices.

I know God is kind, loving, good, and full of grace. Some suggest that children who die young didn’t need the painful lessons of this mortal life … others suggest these souls were or are fortunate to return to God sooner than others; and that one day they will be blessed to have perfected bodies, and immortal lives – even in the Celestial Kingdom.

I pray there is truth in those beliefs; I pray too for  forgiveness, and I pray for the best of all possible outcomes – for all those souls.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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