Survived but Never Reconciled Part I

            Survived but Never Reconciled                 Part I

How has poverty replicated itself, exactly, (so precisely!) in every state of the union?

Every city in the US has an eerie similarity when it comes to [seeming] cultural divides which [seem to] over time aggregate to some distinct, predictable, common aspects within the microcosms each city represents.

Why does every city have ghetto’s or inner city areas with strikingly similar demographics? Even family demographics which go back over several generations? How does that happen?  How did it happen?

What is the common denominator which some larger sense of society or government has put into place here (?) – which somehow caused this outcome – again and again and again?

In every city in America – over, and over, and over and over, and over again; what did this? [‘welfare’] [‘welfare’ over generations].

I believe there are common denominators which have become systemic, and there is no simple fix. No one knowingly invited this outcome but everyone is going to need to pay… dearly.

Generational Welfare, broken policies, selfish corporate leaders, and politicians – destroyed – and left crippled – generations of black* families.

*American Families of African descent from slavery.



These policies, [the powers that were] provided welfare to generation after generation – in the same cities, to the same families, to the same groups of peoples – for generations to the 4th and 5th generation.

Further, Government Welfare, its rules and regulations interweaved intricate policies that rewarded financially – a broken family structure that perpetuated from itself – also – generations of heartache and suffering. What happened is beyond the imagination of human machinations.

I do not think it is, or was, malicious; it was not some plot with intent beyond petty greed and human ignorance; it was sinful though – especially not to have the courage to fix it generation after generation. Countless families, countless men, women, and children – over too many years – were decimated!

I heard a sentence above all the din during the George Floyd memorials:

We [of African American Decent] Survived Slavery but, but never reconciled it!

How true that rang in my heart. Survived – but never recovered, never healed, never reconciled – not in a way that gave true hope of a future, as families, and as a People; NOT EVEN AS US CITIZENS because they remained an entity to themselves as we decimated the(ir) nuclear families [all nuclear families].

I’m Just Sayin’… .                                                                  End Part I

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