My friends negative regard for refugee programs

Blaming the Victims?

My friend used to talk often in a very negative regard about refugees, immigrants, … and the amounts of money and resources our governments spend, year after year, decade after decade, on that population.

Indeed, it [the government] brings in poor people and plugs them into a system – this massive, fully funded, system – that lifts them, changes their lives in the long-term.

They literally import(ed) poor people, lift(ed) them, fund(ed) them – providing each man, woman, and child their shot at the American Dream … while seemingly turning a blind eye to our poverty stricken neighborhoods and populations.

I still remember thinking he [and others] were not being reasonable. I had an argument which suggested that African Americans refuse(d) to assimilate (true, but not a cause) – and so, it was their own fault, I suggested. I blamed the victim.

The families didn’t, and do not, benefit from welfare, free food, medical, free housing, free phones … it was the wrong approach, it was the wrong answer. We (our governments) crippled generations of families.

Make no mistake, the result of slavery, civil war, welfare … is a horrid mess…and it remains an imbalance that screams for someone to finally bring change to a sad and sinful reality in our country.

The Government provides ongoing – in long term, expensive, and institutional ways – for these refugee and immigrant populations; and has, for generations.

We ‘import’ millions of people while Federal, state, or local governments never ever moved to support, educate, lift and change – in long term and permanent ways – our populations of ‘African Americans’.

I couldn’t see or understand the depth of his feelings and resentments …  as he complained that generation after generation of immigrants, refugees, … wind up with genuine new starts in America – each that American Dream!

I never understood my friend; today, I do.

I know I over simplify ..but I am not wrong.

Don’t misunderstand either, please – I don’t advocate to slow down lifting and helping those from other countries in need – but let’s help change the outcome of all these families from all those years – utilizing similar, well laid out, long-term, efforts!

All my friend, and his family and friends, was saying is … ‘Hey, what about us’?

Hey, …

I’m Just Sayin’ … .



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