San Francisco archbishop bars Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion

The child in the womb is a living part of the fathers’ body too. My body … My Child … My choice – ought be the law for any father in any sane society.

I am quietly encouraged as I did [and likely many others too] – I did use time to write the Catholic Church – even the Pope – asking he “Teach The World” on this issue of abortion by barring those like President Biden who are totally upside down to say he is a good Christian and Catholic. I asked the Pope to Teach the World.

… and here, I am hopeful, is the first step [I hope for at least two].

This is the headline from Fox News …

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone announced Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is barred from receiving Holy Communion due to her pro-abortion stance — marking an escalation in a decades-long tension between the Roman Catholic Church and liberal Democratic politicians on abortion. The link below goes to their story.

This will introduce my own story.

Childless my entire life because of abortion rhetoric and politics …

I suggest that ‘Logical Sounding Arguments’ of the brain ‘Right to Choose’ … My Body-My Choice – etc. etc. … each and all are false teachings – tricks of logic.

We need to move the ‘arguments’ from the Brain and Intellect – to the truths of the Heart and Soul. Many have been ‘tricked’.

I, personally, was confused just long enough to seal the fate of my unborn baby. I’ll never forgive myself. And, I will address also – that I had no say! The father has no say in the matter!

The law needs be changed in the states that will continue to provide whatever abortions the laws will sanction; fathers have rights to stop the killing of their own child too. The child, even in the womb, is a living part of the fathers’ body too. My body … My choice – is the right of any expecting father.

My own composition on abortion and the rights of the father, from my own personal experiences will soon follow.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

I am impressed to add this: Barring someone from Sacrament is a serious action in any case and, personally, I would urge that it be part of a plan to help a person get back on a path in line with the teachings of our Savior. In this case, it’s none of my business except for the fact that she is doing all this as one of the most powerful leaders in our government – and I referenced our President too – the most powerful person in our government. For me, that is an important component to my opinion.

Here’s the story link about Pelosi and Communion from Fox News

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