Hollywood is selling homosexuality [and ‘transgenderism’].

Hollywood is selling homosexuality [and ‘transgenderism’].


Yes, Hollywood is selling homosexuality; and this other madness called, for lack of another term – ‘transgenderism’.


I was so grateful to learn that some States are finally making it criminal for adults to do this to children. It is criminal. It is child abuse. It seems to have taken our country forever to see what is happening. I have been way out front on these issues and writing of them for well over a decade.


Some say Hollywood, in the early days, sold sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In a way, I suppose that’s true. In the early days though, remember it was *mostly alcohol and tobacco – and they were very successful at it.

*I know it was more; they influenced – maybe especially – women … beyond using alcohol and tobacco – they set the fashion standards –  high heels, lipstick, face makeup – even promiscuity [for men and women]. Hollywood set the norm for millions and millions.


They portrayed lies – and we all watched our TV’s, listened to the radios … and we were convinced, without ever thinking about it, that every one – smoked cigars, cigarettes, pipes … and drank whisky, wine and beer and ‘everyone’ had sex before marriage. 


America saw it on TV – every day – and the use of those things  increased astronomically! Kids, younger and younger, believed the lies they saw in front of their faces in movies, on TV, Magazines, and Radio.


What do you suppose happened?


Yes, of course, more kids [and more adults too!] drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes and experimented with sex at younger and younger ages. ‘Good Ole’ Madison Avenue Salesmanship – polluted the entire social landscape.


Yes, Hollywood sold sex, alcohol, and tobacco – and set the social standards that replaced our own moral judgment.


Now, it’s selling homosexuality and this evil minded transgenderism.


And, now – it’s not only Hollywood – it is Hollywood and The Media. And again, make no mistake – they are selling it and having generations of kids believe that ‘everyone’ has people who live those lives, espouse those beliefs – living next door or upstairs. We are brainwashed to believe lies are truths.


The powers that be would have us believe these and other behaviors are NORMALeveryone is like this AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

[I need to add for those who don’t know me that I’ve nothing against people choosing who they wish to be – but don’t push it on me, or our children, or others. Period.]


Our kids don’t know better – they’re kids … and they are being brainwashed in plain sight.


Years ago, many people of various Religions – people who believe in, and have faith in, a biblical God – turned to home schooling.


Generations of young children were taught at home and were spared the perils of public education.


Today, public schools are worse; the problem is not just a small slant on education – it is, in the true sense of the word, Indoctrination.


Generations of our children are being brainwashed.


I am grateful that parents are beginning to wake up and see the dangers – parents all over the country are taking on public school boards and teachers to stop the runaway – absolutely blatant and runaway brainwashing of our precious children.


It’s not enough.


I think it’s mostly a lost cause [trying to take back public schools]. I hope I am wrong – I received an excellent education through grade 6 of the NYC Public School System. PS 90. [Then politics caused forced busing, rioting in the streets – we lost King and Kennedy].  I think people should be able to pay their school taxes to the schools of their choice but I am not a politician.


Not every family can Home School – but if you can – it may be worth a family discussion to consider Home Schooling.


The facts are not comforting when it comes to our Public Schools. In insidious ways, agenda driven people – one individual at a time – are working very hard to change outcomes – to bend all to their narrow and twisted views as they work to change the foundation of the Country [to the detriment of us all].


Not widespread conspiracy – as some assumed – to steal an election for example – but individuals – each with the same agenda – acting ‘independently’ and yet … genuinely in concert. That’s for another discussion.


Even so, the result on the landscape of our cities and towns is the same. The end result is no different than as if this group acted together – in a conspiracy. In reality, however, they act individually – breaking the rules to achieve the collective agenda.

[And, a sizable portion of it adds up to tilting perceptions and changing the way our children think and view the world].


Flash Cards here, a Vote there, a series of children’s books, games, toys …an early morning tv show … some people here who overlook this,  some there who enforce that here but not there … . It may not be a legal conspiracy …but it is a conspiracy [of evil].


That result? The messages get to our kids (and adults as well).


Take a look at the image below and the few paragraphs.  These are what prompted this post. They are a small and simple example. The radical ideas in the headline(s) may not be in the official guidelines or charters of these schools – we may ‘technically’ … legally – have a few materials banned … but then here comes some of those individuals I referred to … and they use methods and agenda’s – as individuals but in quiet cahoots with other evil minded individuals – in examples like this:

LGBT themed cards a preschool teacher was using to teach kids colors (NC State Rep. Tim Moore)


A NC state representative said a concerned constituent emailed her about the cards that were being used to teach preschoolers colors. The State Rep – Erin Pare contacted the principal of the elementary school to verify the use of the cards in class. 


The principal located the cards in the preschool classroom and verified with the teacher that they had been used to teach colors.

When I look at that image on the left  – I don’t see ‘a pregnant man’. Men can’t be pregnant.


I don’t see a pregnant man but I don’t see (the color) ‘White’ either.  [I am an odd bird]. What of a child though? What does a child learn from these subtle cues? What is the subliminal message – and the direct message?


This is just the tip of the iceberg. People of this agenda have found their ways into the foundations of this great country. Discrimination laws made it easy – those national anti-discrimination laws changed the landscape of the country.


People of minority views – people in the very low percentages by numbers in our populations …became OVER represented in the halls of power and began [with Media] to influence … the moral standards of our Country [and even the world].

Those with these agenda’s have influence via the classrooms – from Kindergarten through the University years – plus they control opinions across all Media platforms – and they are ensconced in all forms of government.


It’s hard to believe so small a number of people hood winked an entire country. Today, the tail does wags the dog.


In a conversation with my Bishop, loosely about the speed of the rate of the decay in society, the rocket path of rising chaos in the world –  we agreed is unprecedented,


He referred to Scripture. I smiled, as did he, when the conversation took a turn … we both agreed too … that ‘we read the book‘; we know how it all comes out.


We win.


I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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