‘E’ Cigarettes, Vape Devices – Are As Bad As Tobacco Cigarettes and Cigars.

‘E’ Cigarettes, Vape Devices – Are As Bad As Tobacco Cigarettes and Cigars.

I am surprised to learn some of the facts regarding this ‘new’ form of ‘smoking’. It bellied its way to the marketplace door as a tool, a ‘healthy’ alternative, to assist adults in quitting smoking regular cigarettes.

Boy, lobbyist’s earned their millions that year when the powers that be let them into the marketplace of America [people/politicians, law makers – MUST have been paid (bribed!) (bought!)].


I almost fell out of my chair when I learned 1 (one) single ‘pull’ or inhale or puff … from “JUUL” [a popular e cigarette device w teens] … 1 puff = the same amount in a PACK of tobacco cigarettes!


If you are young, and reading this – please, please, know that kids in the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s thought cigarettes were ok too… they’re not … smoking is one of the most unnatural acts I can think of … think about it… sucking SMOKE IN to your lungs… . Just don’t do it.

Understand, for sure, that withdrawal from these levels of nicotine are going to be incredibly severe and harder even than cigarettes to give up … and they – be it smoking or vaping – will make your old age miserable!


Believe me, if you are going to get older, and then ‘be old’ (and I hope you make it) … you don’t want to be in bad health… and that is the promised outcome. For sure.

Don’t smoke cigarettes … don’t vape JUUL or any kind of e cigarette … they are NOT safe – and will ruin the quality of life of millions and millions of good men and women in their later years … don’t be one of them.

I’m just sayin’ … .

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