Local Elections in these United States – November 2018

Local Elections in these United States – November 2018

It’s hard to believe I wasn’t even aware of the differences from right to left – left to right – only  a decade ago. I just wasn’t interested – and didn’t feel my vote really mattered.

Today, I define myself as a true conservative democrat – of the democratic party of the 1950’s and 60’s … I am a Kennedy, King, and Kennedy Democrat – and in the 21st Century – generally that means I vote Republican.

Here is why I am writing this today: I [and, I have learned, many other people around the country] – have genuine desires and reasons to vote for local legislators – house and senate – who happen to be Democrats.

In my case, the democrat is the better person to represent this little local constituency – he’s just the better person for the job… however, what the democrats did to Justice Kavanaugh – I will never, ever, forget; and, I can not – in any stretch of conscience – allow that party to have the power to do that, and more, again. No.

Not even if it means my cable bill will keep going up – or we won’t get the local hospital built – or the local bridge fixed … it doesn’t matter; and, truly, my heart goes out to the man who has earned the spot (in my eyes).

No. I won’t stand for it even if I have to re-elect someone I don’t support; and yes, it will hurt upstate NY – but, what the democratic senators did can not go unanswered at the ballets – nor will I give the House an opportunity to follow suit with a vote on that side of the aisle of any kind.

I can’t; I won’t.

I’m just sayin’ … .  [and so are millions of others]

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