Hollywood is Now Selling Homosexuality – with even more determination than… Part II

Hollywood is Now Selling Homosexuality – with even more determination than with

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Premarital Sex (in the 20th Century).

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Part II    Star Trek, and the Next, Next Generation

Star Trek, and The Next, Next Generation

One of my favorite shows of all time is Star Trek! I am not bashful to declare it 🙂  It never failed to entertain me – from the first original series through the classic movies, the spinoffs, the evolutions of crew and ‘Enterprise’ …the new worlds … I enjoyed it all! Still do.

And, recently, after many years of enjoying satisfying, multiple successors and acclaimed spinoff’s –  came not one but two new promising shows  – Star Trek Discovery and The Orville (a star trek type series).

Both seemed sure to be fantastic new series successes; fans were in their glory; I was one of them – the work was exceptional.

I watched each of these new shows [Star Trek Discovery and The Orville] begin their first seasons – with delight and anticipation; … and, I have to admit – with some criticism, here and there, and allowing for the newness of actors and storylines – I liked them both.

So here it was … – a new Star Trek. How cool was/is that! And, it seemed they could pull it off (at least, I thought so, as a fan; I thought each had the capacity to be outstanding).

And then the shoe dropped – I became aware of the numerous, and growing, number sexual threads – very prominent homosexual threads – everywhere in both storylines and episodes – in both series’.

Understand please, this writer, I, am not ‘homophobic’ [I declare clearly my love for the human individuals caught up in this agenda of very hateful influences]; and quickly these sexual threads in the TV shows turned hardcore [from nuance … to ugly] – superfluous homosexual sexual situations and relationships that just did not belong in the narrative, in my opinion.

And it came to me … a quiet, non physical, understanding – clear as a bell – as if someone whispered in my ear … They Were SELLING it!

Allow me to digress here for just a moment to point to the power and influence of the powers that be – which I speak of here … I offer a simple example; a true circumstance most can relate to one way or another:

Cigarettes/Whisky – Vile stuff both of them – most would agree – particularly upon first use (and I used both early in life) and, believe me – I invite you to think for yourself – these things are fully against human nature – that is, to use them.

Imagine … to light materials on fire and inhale the smoke! Such a thing is foreign to us. Humans learn to smoke (and drink alcohol) – even against their physical instincts.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue can sell ANYTHING! No different for whisky …  no one really ‘likes’ whisky … … but, we – as vulnerable humans that we are, we can be influenced to do … the most unnatural things!

Few, even yet, understand the amazing power that media yields (I have written on the subject) – and now [more and more each day] ‘targeted media’ paired with today’s ‘connected technologies phenomena‘ – Smart Phones, GPS Tracking, Wireless Internet, ‘Social Media’ – they are changing the way people see the world. It is a deep understatement to say that today’s media is 20th Century Radio and TV … times a thousand+!

Believe me or not – these tools combined truly are ‘programming’ the way our youth (and many adults) see the world; it is poisoning the thinking of uncounted, innocent, souls – changing the outcomes of LIVES of entire generations.

Yes, today it is LBGT and Hollywood selling homosexuality the very same way as they [‘Hollywood & Madison Avenue’] did Tobacco, Alcohol, and Pre-Marital Sex*.  They have had it seem like it is the new popular norm and those powers that be are working to establish these lies in the minds of these new generations.

*and Drugs.

Everyone is doing it” is what is projected to their sensitive and influential minds… [so they make it appear that ‘everyone is doing it’] and folks think … so it must be ok. Heck, it must be fun … look at it … it is EVERYWHERE… EVERYONE is doing it.

I tell you … homosexuality … influential powers that be – are selling it!

And I declare: we must declare … ‘no’, … ‘No, it is not everywhere, … and it is not normal. It only seems so because Hollywood is selling it.

I will close this awfully long diatribe … they, who are driving that Agenda, ruined Star Trek Discovery and The Orville, at least for me.

And, it’s too bad.

Too bad for America – too bad the Next Generation; and, the Next, Next, Generation.

I’m just sayin’ … .

This was to be Part II, of III; but I decided to work the final part into a piece that will stand on its own with this as a reference. It has to do with the strengths, rewards … i.e. blessings – that stem from the natural family unit – which has almost been obliterated by the power of those how have controlled the ‘media’ – over generations. The media as a tool has been used very astutely by these dark powers that be – who have paired their efforts with other coordinated, political movements and attacks on the character of this country – across generations.

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