K Jean-Pierre “This Administration Has Their Back!

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took to harsh tones and forceful declarations concerning lawmakers authoring new legislation to stop transgender operations on minors. Vehemently, she  declares the White House’s solidarity with the group.

This Administration Has Their Back! KJP repeated with forceful emphasis. She also lamented that ‘this’ (choice to use irreversible, dangerous, medicines and have dangerous surgeries)is between the parent and child’.

I might add ‘not if the actions are against the law’ and therefore I support legislative safeguards. I maintain this is child abuse; always have. I was writing about this long before it became headlines.

Frankly, I hope I contributed to the debates finally becoming national news – that’s why I publish my compositions

I might also ask why is the POTUS involved then? (if it’s between parent and child). Why is Press Secretary and this  and Administration using The Peoples’ bully pulpit to champion such dangerous views?

I will write a piece soon that asks the question ‘Is it time to consider a [new] tale? One of Two Nations …?

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here’s a clip from Fox News of ms jean-pierre saying it herself:


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