What if they truly believed they could weaken the strongest, free, Nations of The World?

What if Chinas’ Leader(s) made a considered choice to loose COVID19 on the world?

What if the event was a considered act on behalf of the Chinas’ CCP or President Xi and a few close to him in some desire to restructure and dominate the Worlds as we knew it? Control its resources and peoples?

What if they took the action believing that their government could absorb the human cost of such a pandemic? [Relative to the unbelievable damage done to US and other Free Economy Countries]?

What if they truly believed they could weaken the strongest, free, Nations of The World? Especially the USA? Would they take such a calculated risk?

I think wise men and women would, at least, ask the questions.

Some might quickly say ‘the Chinese President wouldn’t risk his life, the lives of his own family.

What if they had vaccines or therapeutics before the virus ‘got out’? What if they quietly did testing – just to accommodate a few and insure safety for a few?

I know that reads like an adventure fiction novel – but what if it were true?

The virus was extremely selective [I still say on purpose] – what Xi believed he was safe?

Did any top China leadership get sick from the virus?

Likely we’d not know one way or another but, in retrospect, it’s a fair question.

We are still reeling from all this; there is much to learn but we better wake up and not in the ‘woke’ way in the headlines. Friends, … this single act – a simple flu virus with a tweak – tipped … changed the very balance and power of the world. [Paired with other strategic, carefully executed, moves over years].

What if CHINA, and not Russia, deeply influenced the politics of this nation in this last decade(s)?

 What if COVID19 really was a very strategic step toward some maniacal desire to rule the world? What if it was a trial run?

Hey, I’m just asking the questions. The thought of a Billion Chinese coming to war with America … is chilling. We’ve gotten old, and fat, and stupid … and, we forget how precious both this country and freedom is … we forget how much these maniacs have to gain and how much we have to lose [shame on us!].

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


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