America’s Left & Right need unite – Reporter films hundreds of military-age Chinese men heading toward US Southern Border

America’s Left & Right need to unite and the time is now.


Anthony Rubin, a Reporter, filmed hundreds of military-age Chinese men heading toward US Southern Border which is what sparked my thoughts.


I am reminded that genuine enemies – who seek to destroy our country and our way of life are pouring into our nation – each with one aim – to destroy what our forefathers gave their lives for – that which our fathers and grand fathers gave so much blood to build, sacrificed so much for … .


They [darker powers in the world] are coming for us and we are bickering over beer and sports and politics!


Left & Right must unite. I did not mean for that to sound like a slogan, nor read like a hyperbolic headline.


It is just a simply stated truth. If we can’t unite to keep this country and our freedoms safe and strong – we’ll have the country no more.


Please, for all our sakes, THINK about that simple truth. Reason it out, please.


Look, If we lose the country – the stupid politics won’t matter!


Let me say it again. This Country needs to change the paradigm or fall. We are Americans after all [or need to be for the great country to live].

Independents. Americans. Real Ones.

And, I tell you for sure … it’s not just China sneaking spies into our midst’s. This Country is under blatant attack – and the enemy has us almost literally dueling in the Halls of Congress and on every major media platform …over nonsense.

 It’s so damned sad.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here’s the clip  of Anthony Rubin’s

Coming soon – Serving in Government ought not be a Career and Serving (people) ought not be a way to grow financial power and wealth.

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