Musk said flatly there ought be an “age limit for sterilization” and offenders should “go to prison for life.”


I ought to open in saying that Mr. Elon Musk said flatly there ought be an “age limit for sterilization” and also that any doctor or parent that allows sterilization at such young ages should “go to prison for life.”

I have been saying and writing about those same truths and understandings for well over a decade. It was in one of my first posts when I described it as child abuse; I explained that where [and when] I grew up – they’d lock up the parents and the so called quack doctor(s) who did it.

I can’t fathom how this happens; I mourn for the state of the world and cry for the cost the children pay.

I feel for those who don’t understand and yet, I also do believe these are shameful acts upon children and such things are reprehensible, and criminal.  

Elon Musk has now said, decisively … publically, those same things; I say, God Bless his courage in his convictions. I pray he not suffer for declaring it openly and  publically. Kudos, I say, and thank you.

My point? I respect Mr. Musk’s’ courage in this, and other matters; I had little to lose personally for saying what I believe(d). No wealth to lose, no career to lose, no young life(s) at risk; all of which, and each of which, Mr. Musk has to lose … .

He said it anyway! [A man after my own heart].

I say, God Bless his desire, and willingness, to speak so freely in a world when they come to kill people just for a joke, cartoon, point of view, or opinion [contrary to their own].

I respect his courage and am grateful for his voice above the din in this crazy time.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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