A Wink and a Nod from FISA?

This Took My Breath Away

As I read a small paragraph in a rather predictable political story [albeit incredibly important beyond it’s simply political implications] … ‘Oh My’ was what I quietly whispered to myself. Actually, about 3 times. It felt like a physical blow.

The Headline is:

Any interference in Russia probe is something public has ‘right to know about’: GOP lawmaker


The Link to the story is:   https://www.foxnews.com/politics/mueller-russia-investigation-political-interference-barr-declassify-steube

Or copy and paste: www.foxnews.com/politics/mueller-russia-investigation-political-interference-barr-declassify-steube

Finally, the paragraph itself:

"I think that every American would initially have some grave concerns of a court that is operating completely in secret," Steube claimed. "Given all the information and facts, if the information that was represented to the FISA court — if they knew this was campaign fodder or promulgated and still decided to issue a warrant, that would bring a lot of things to questions."

For two years …. we [I] people –  following the unbelievable power struggle over control of this country – had some limits to how upside things had become in the last decade. Even so, we learned that some very high ranking and powerful people had their ‘thumbs on the scale’.

We now know there were unimaginable improprieties and unlawful – unscrupulous, deceitful, behavior – from powerful leaders in (Leading!) Government entities {FBI, CIA, DOJ, MORE}. National Institutions we all hoped and prayed [and believed!] were fair and balanced – without political bend.

Today we know there was indeed, more than thumbs on scales as the most powerful agencies in the world were weaponized to do the political bidding of one party over another.

Further, we know there was a coup de tat (attempt); without doubt.

In this coup, we learned about FISA courts; and most of us – right up until very, very recently – believed those rogue government [Leaders] officials had hoodwinked, fooled, misrepresented evidence (to FISA judge(s)  which they produced in support of warrants to spy on political candidates and their teams.

That is all disgusting, despicable, behavior. Leaders of our FBI swearing before those judges facts that weren’t facts.

AT least that’s what we [so many] believed; and, wanted to believe. No one ever once, at least publically, suggested that the FISA court judges themselves were a party to the behavior – with a sort of wink and nod … which then, it follows, these secret courts became a defacto ‘ partner(s) in the coup attempt’.

I know very little about FISA courts and judges; I don’t know who appoints judges or who has oversight of them, …  how long their terms are, or who is fundamentally in charge … however, as noted in the paragraph – they ARE Secret! SECRET COURTS. And, if they were weaponized, politicalizedwe have a major issue to examine in the light of day … and fix. I seek no criminal action, and yet, I can’t bring myself to suggest those responsible not be held accountable. I agree with President Trump on this one – it sure seems treasonous.


God Blessed America. God also blessed other nations and peoples throughout scripture; some also suffered greatly when they turned away.

I’m just sayin’ … .

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