Iran and Japan

I can’t publish this …. (I wrote on June 7th; then, continuing events and opinions – including similar opinions came to the public square. I updated a few sentences and decided to post this). jl


I have no love for Iran as an enemy of the U.S. It hates us – for a list of reasons … heartfelt, hate [at least the leadership and majority of what is presented as ‘public opinion’ there].

I am a patriot. I love my Country and my Freedoms.

All that said, what I see is a country (U.S.) [who happens to be wise in this instance] finally standing up to a dangerous adversary – who is trying to achieve the means – to do Evil in the world… [and especially to Israel and the U.S.]. We can’t let them have nuclear means to do such harm … to either.

So, it does seem to me that we have them in an effectively softened position – they are isolated, their population is suffering [I pray for them and hope they understand the dynamics].

Iran’s leadership must soften their position on obtaining nuclear weapons or see full, internal collapse … The U.S., and its allies, are standing with a foot on their collective throat … daring them – to try and move to loosen our grasp!

Some say we did the very same to Japan – which resulted [we all know] in Pearl Harbor.

Iran blowing holes in those ships was a sign of sheer desperation – and the downing of the drone even more so; I am not saying the U.S. is ‘wrong’ – only long term History will decide that … I am just sayin’ … that history repeats [those wiser than I suggest].

We [may be] forcing them to a clear act that invokes war – and it will ‘seem’ as if they provoked it … and yet, I am able to clearly recognize and say,  – that although it may be truly wise to force negotiation… if that is indeed the aim; however, if it is the US provoking an action that will allow military action – well, that is an entirely different ball of wax.

This is not to say military action is not necessary if Iran’s leaders continue to seek progression toward having nuclear weapons – it is just my desire to recognize a spade … as a spade. I don’t know if President Trump called off the strike to demonstrate his restraint in preparation for an all out attack – or if he genuinely is purely trying to force Iran to the negotiating table (?).

I don’t know who is right … and I have reasons to believe the powers that be in Iran … have Evil intentions in their priorities … I just have to remind myself that such truth does not exclude the possibility that our motives can also be less then Righteous, as well.

I’m just sayin’ … .


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