What if they truly believed they could weaken the strongest, free, Nations of The World?

What if Chinas’ Leader(s) made a considered choice to loose COVID19 on the world?

What if the event was a considered act on behalf of the Chinas’ CCP or President Xi and a few close to him in some desire to restructure and dominate the Worlds as we knew it? Control its resources and peoples?

What if they took the action believing that their government could absorb the human cost of such a pandemic? [Relative to the unbelievable damage done to US and other Free Economy Countries]?

What if they truly believed they could weaken the strongest, free, Nations of The World? Especially the USA? Would they take such a calculated risk?

I think wise men and women would, at least, ask the questions.

Some might quickly say ‘the Chinese President wouldn’t risk his life, the lives of his own family.

What if they had vaccines or therapeutics before the virus ‘got out’? What if they quietly did testing – just to accommodate a few and insure safety for a few?

I know that reads like an adventure fiction novel – but what if it were true?

The virus was extremely selective [I still say on purpose] – what Xi believed he was safe?

Did any top China leadership get sick from the virus?

Likely we’d not know one way or another but, in retrospect, it’s a fair question.

We are still reeling from all this; there is much to learn but we better wake up and not in the ‘woke’ way in the headlines. Friends, … this single act – a simple flu virus with a tweak – tipped … changed the very balance and power of the world. [Paired with other strategic, carefully executed, moves over years].

What if CHINA, and not Russia, deeply influenced the politics of this nation in this last decade(s)?

 What if COVID19 really was a very strategic step toward some maniacal desire to rule the world? What if it was a trial run?

Hey, I’m just asking the questions. The thought of a Billion Chinese coming to war with America … is chilling. We’ve gotten old, and fat, and stupid … and, we forget how precious both this country and freedom is … we forget how much these maniacs have to gain and how much we have to lose [shame on us!].

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


K Jean-Pierre “This Administration Has Their Back!

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took to harsh tones and forceful declarations concerning lawmakers authoring new legislation to stop transgender operations on minors. Vehemently, she  declares the White House’s solidarity with the group.

This Administration Has Their Back! KJP repeated with forceful emphasis. She also lamented that ‘this’ (choice to use irreversible, dangerous, medicines and have dangerous surgeries)is between the parent and child’.

I might add ‘not if the actions are against the law’ and therefore I support legislative safeguards. I maintain this is child abuse; always have. I was writing about this long before it became headlines.

Frankly, I hope I contributed to the debates finally becoming national news – that’s why I publish my compositions

I might also ask why is the POTUS involved then? (if it’s between parent and child). Why is Press Secretary and this  and Administration using The Peoples’ bully pulpit to champion such dangerous views?

I will write a piece soon that asks the question ‘Is it time to consider a [new] tale? One of Two Nations …?

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Here’s a clip from Fox News of ms jean-pierre saying it herself:


Maybe, it’s time for an entirely new paradigm in our Education System

Florida teacher fired over ‘inappropriate’ lesson, insists he ‘didn’t do anything wrong’

Jeffrey Keene, who began teaching at the school near Orlando in January, says he will appeal his termination

Psychology teacher Jeffrey Keene told Fox 35 Orlando this week that he was notified by the Orange County School District that it was attempting to end his employment at Dr. Phillips High School following a lesson he gave related to a school shooting drill. 

“When they said you have the option to resign without violating your contract, I said, ‘I didn’t do anything wrong,'” Keene told the outlet. “I said, ‘If I did, tell me what it is.’ They said, ‘We can’t do that.’ I said, ‘In that case, since I don’t know what I did wrong, you can go ahead and terminate me without cause.” 

The notice from the school came after Keene says he tried to tie a psychology lesson into an upcoming school shooting drill and part of that lesson was asking students to write their own obituaries to reflect on their lives.

Firing this man is correct, in my opinion. Absolutely.

 Look, I might nod an OK for this sort of assignment to be tried in a 400 level University Course – a Psych exercise or even a Writing exercise … but leave our kids alone.

Parents genuinely need, absolutely need, to get into the details of what children are being taught in the classrooms. The level of bias – personal and political – is shameful and borders often on criminal.

I think Home Schooling is the only way to insure our children learn without being shaped by people with agendas that go far beyond [what parents deem] simple education – RRR – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic … .

For me, we all need to learn … those basics … Arithmetic, Reading, Writing … English, English Grammar, Composition writing , Critical Thinking, Logic … Sciences – Geology, Astronomy, Earth Sciences…all on that list – I’ll define here as ‘Basic Education’ that our children have a right to receive – without all the rest of the chaos.

Maybe we don’t need schools and teachers any more in the way they have come to exist! Maybe, it’s time for an entirely new paradigm.

 Let’s do away with these mass institutions where our children are indoctrinated with useless and harmful exposures and lies… they are targets quite literally for every warped mind and person & program.

If we had the technology we have today and were just seeking to build from scratch a school system – it surely would not look anything like what we have today.

Sadly, Schools, as they are, became a necessity for so many parents as they needed the day to work – be it office or household chores … whatever the reasons – the world has changed. And so have the needs changed. So many of our schools are nutrition centers, day care centers, places of corralling children for six or more hours a day …  more than they are institutions of learning; and finally, when teaching is happening – it is the wrong kind of teaching.

Look, Technology has  opened endless possibilities.

LEARNING, with some love and guidance’s is NATURAL for children … Today parents have the means to present at your fingertips – whatever content all agree are the common denominators of an Education is this Country.

I think this is the perfect time for Congress and Senate to take a hard look at the Education System of this Country. I believe it’s time to consider dismantling it in favor of something that will serve our children in these times. Our current Education System is a relic from the 1900’s.

Challenge Congress to build an Education system that gives freedom to parents and also sets standards. The House has the power to act; the Senate would surely follow their lead and both sides would ultimately unite around a proper solution – or, a plan to find one.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .



Chinese spy balloon was able to transmit information back to Beijing in real time

Chinese spy balloon was able to transmit information back to Beijing By Natasha Bertrand, CNN Updated 9:38 AM EDT, Mon April 3, 2023

US sailors recover a suspected Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon that was downed by the United States over US territorial waters off the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on February 5, 2023.

US sailors recover a suspected Chinese high-altitude surveillance balloon that was downed by the United States over US territorial waters off the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on February 5, 2023.

U.S. Fleet Forces/U.S. Navy/Reuters

WashingtonCNN — 

“The Chinese spy balloon that transited the US earlier this year was able to capture imagery and collect some signals intelligence from US military sites, a source familiar with the matter tells CNN.”

“The balloon was able to transmit information back to Beijing in real time, the source said, and the US government still does not know for sure whether the Chinese government could wipe the balloon’s data as it received it. That raises questions about whether there is intelligence the balloon was able to gather that the US still doesn’t know about.”

“Still, the intelligence community has not been overly concerned about the information the balloon was able to gather, the person said, because it is not much more sophisticated than what Chinese satellites are able to glean as they orbit over similar locations.”

This says to me [I’m Just Sayin’ …] that the balloon was more sophisticated than orbiting Chinese Satellites. Not sure who ‘the person’ is who said it but that’s quite a statement.

I’m Just Sayin’ …

You can read the entire article here https://www.cnn.com/2023/04/03/politics/chinese-spy-balloon/index.html

Abraham Issac and The Savior

Thanks for stopping by … I have a different kind of post today:

His Only Son

I have studied the bible for decades and, I too, have been often thoughtful as to the reasons for Gods’ ‘test’ of Abraham… I enjoyed this writers simple explanation very much and I hope it offers a bit of insight to my readers as well. I’d often understood the act was related to God offering His Son in the future time to come – but I never understood that the mountain was the same one where our Savior was eventually crucified. Make a difference? Yes, it does seem that way to me.

I sort of gave it away but even so, I invite you to check out the writers notion and study it out for yourself; at the very least it’s a thoughtful and insightful view of the historic act of Abraham – involving the command [from God] to sacrifice his only, cherished, and precious son, Isaac.

Paraphrased: You need not sacrifice your precious son here today because one day, too soon enough, my beloved, and only begotten, son will be sacrificed here … for you, and all mankind.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

Director reflects on Biblical drama based on story of Abraham and Isaac explains  how the film came to be and what he wants audiences to understand about one of the most challenging passages in Scripture.

I edited/excerpted the following to shorten it – the full version is here:


Excerpts are from an article written by Kristine Parks. Kristine Parks is an associate editor for Fox News Digital.


The story of Abraham and Isaac is one of the most challenging stories in the Bible but that’s exactly what drew filmmaker David Helling to it.

His feature debut film, “His Only Son,” depicts the account of Abraham’s three-day journey up Mount Moriah to offer his son Isaac as a burnt offering, as explained in Genesis. 

Helling, a former U.S. Marine, explained how his love for the Bible grew while serving overseas during the Iraq War. Now he’s made it his life’s mission to bring Scripture to the big screen.

Helling understands how the test God gave to Abraham troubles believers and nonbelievers alike. But he hopes audiences come away from the film with a better understanding of the significance behind one of the most misunderstood passages in Scripture.

“His Only Son” tells the story of Abraham and Isaac. (Photo credit: Angel Studios) (Angel Studios)

Learn More

It’s really one of the most controversial accounts in Scripture. It’s a point of contention for many nonbelievers and for many believers it’s a Scripture they don’t really know how to defend. How come God asks this man to lay his own son down? I wanted to dig into Scripture and pull out the truth of what God was doing there,” Helling told Fox News Digital.

While the film illustrates the Genesis 22 passage, it also flashes back to the years and events preceding this moment, where God had given Moses a monumental promise.

“Moses is reliving through flashback all the promises of God throughout his life as him and Sarah his wife had to wait for that son the Lord had promised,” Helling explained.

Biblical scholars believe Jesus was crucified 2000 years later in the same place. Helling said he hopes audiences see how Abraham’s story is relevant to Christ’s death and resurrection in the Gospels.

Angel Studios

Angel Studios “His Only Son” will premiere March 31 in theaters nationwide. (Photo Credit: Angel Studios) (Angel Studios)

“In the Lord’s testing of his faith, he had a very clear purpose in it. He was showing Abraham something…that memorial stone of sorts, this event in Abraham’s life was going to echo through the millennia until the point when God would lay down his only son on the same mountain,” Helling said. “I want people to see this and see, ‘Wow the Lord’s had His redemptive plan has been  in place… since before the beginning.”

The film will play in theaters worldwide on March 31. Angel Studios, the platform behind the hit Biblical drama series “The Chosen,” crowdfunded for “His Only Son” and said it was the first time a theatrical release had been crowdfunded in entertainment history.

The film also conveys the hopeful message that God has a purpose in our pain, he said.

“For those of us that are in Christ,…for those of us who love him, and are called according to his purpose, we can have confidence that even in our darkest night, in our darkest season ,in the most wretched hurts that we have the Lord has a purpose in it and he’s working it for our good,” he said.

Reflecting on the Easter season release and audiences’ hunger for faith films, Helling believes all the struggles to get the movie made were part of God’s perfect timing.

“It seems like Christ is on the minds and the mouths of so many people around the country and around the world and it’s like, ‘Wow, this film could not come out at a…better time,” Helling said.

“It just shows we couldn’t have planned it, we couldn’t have done this, this was all the Lord,” he added.



Twitter Files – a country, and the world, hoodwinked by corrupted US Government Agencies

I often read articles appearing in “Imprimis” – which is a newsletter type offering put out regularly by Hillsdale College.

Most of its offerings, I find, are well written and informative; this one stands out to me for its cohesive and very factual view of the subject [recent revelations via ‘Twitter Files’]. The timeline and subject matters are sprawling and the attempts to change the narratives, redirect our attention, and convince the world that we don’t see what we see or know what we know.

So massive has been the work of some remarkably coordinated, professionally organized and orchestrated, government efforts – to keep and maintain power and control over so many – it will take exceptional determination and many miracles to unravel it all.

I found the facts all deeply disturbing as an overwhelmingly wide range of characters and very dark, hidden, concerted, efforts of ‘government’  pressed forward month after month and year after year to hoodwink our country (and the world).

I found this piece eye opening – even in the flood of materials on the topic over much of the past decade – and the implications those facts shine a light on. I urge you to read this to help wade through so much of the partisan spins in the news.

In fact, as the title suggests [in my opinion] we are facing a range of existential threats to our freedoms and the very future of our great nation.

Hillsdale sends out these articles in their Imprimis newsletter – via USPS Mail – for free – simply go to Hillsdale.edu to sign up and be added to their list.

I don’t know the answers to the hard questions; I do understand the need to educate ourselves to even consider which questions to ask. This is one place to begin the process of learning.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


The Twitter Files Reveal an Existential Threat

John Daniel Davidson

The following is adapted from a talk delivered at Hillsdale College on February 7, 2023.

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter last October and the subsequent reporting on the Twitter Files by journalists Matt Taibbi, Bari Weiss, and a handful of others beginning in early December is one of the most important news stories of our time. The Twitter Files story encompasses, and to a large extent connects, every major political scandal of the Trump-Biden era. Put simply, the Twitter Files reveal an unholy alliance between Big Tech and the deep state designed to throttle free speech and maintain an official narrative through censorship and propaganda. This should not just disturb us, it should also prod us to action in defense of the First Amendment, free and fair elections, and indeed our country.

After Musk completed his acquisition of Twitter, he fired a slew of useless or insubordinate employees, instituted new content moderation policies, and tried to reform a woke corporate culture that bordered (and still borders) on parody. In the process, Musk coordinated with Taibbi and Weiss on the publication of a series of stories based on internal Twitter documents related to an array of major political events going back years: the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, Twitter’s secret policy of shadow banning, President Trump’s suspension from Twitter after the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot, the co-opting of Twitter by the FBI to suppress “election disinformation” ahead of the 2020 election, Twitter’s involvement in a Pentagon overseas psy-op campaign, its silencing of dissent from the official Covid narrative, its complicity in the Russiagate hoax, and its gradual capitulation to the direct involvement of the U.S. intelligence community—with the FBI as a go-between—in content moderation.

As Taibbi has written, the Twitter Files “show the FBI acting as doorman to a vast program of social media surveillance and censorship, encompassing agencies across the federal government—from the State Department to the Pentagon to the CIA.”

The Twitter Files contain multitudes, but for the sake of brevity let us consider just three installments and their related implications: the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story, the suspension of Trump, and the deputization of Twitter by the FBI. Together, these stories reveal not just a social media company willing to do the bidding of an out-of-control federal bureaucracy, but a federal bureaucracy openly hostile to the First Amendment.

Hunter Biden’s Laptop

On October 14, 2020, the New York Post published its first major exposé based on the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which had been dropped off at a Delaware computer repair shop in April 2019 and never picked up. It was the first of several stories detailing Biden family corruption and revealing the close involvement of Joe Biden in his son’s foreign business ventures in the years during and after Biden’s vice presidency. Hunter, although doing no real work, was making tens of millions of dollars from foreign companies in places like Ukraine and China. The Post‘s bombshell reporting shined a bright light on what was happening.

According to the emails on the laptop, Hunter introduced then-Vice President Biden to a top executive at Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company that was paying Hunter (who had no credentials or experience in the energy business) up to $50,000 a month to sit on its board. Soon after this meeting, Vice President Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigating the company. In an earlier email, a top Burisma executive asked Hunter for “advice on how you could use your influence” to benefit the company. The Post‘s ensuing stories revealed more of the same: a shocking level of corruption and influence-peddling by Hunter Biden, whose emails suggest his father was closely connected to his overseas business ventures. Indeed, those ventures appear to consist entirely of Hunter providing access to Joe Biden.

Twitter did everything in its power to suppress the Biden story. It removed links to the Post‘s reporting, appended warnings that they might be “unsafe,” and prevented users from sharing them via direct message—a restriction previously reserved for child pornography and other extreme cases. In an extraordinary step, Twitter also locked the Post‘s account and the accounts of anyone who shared links to its reporting, including White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. These actions were justified under the pretext that the stories violated Twitter’s hacked-materials policy, even though there was no evidence, then or now, that anything on the laptop was hacked.

Twitter executives at the highest levels were directly involved in these decisions. Former head of Legal, Policy, and Trust Vijaya Gadde, the company’s chief censor, played a key role, as did former head of Trust and Safety Yoel Roth. Oddly, all this seems to have been done without the knowledge of Twitter’s then-CEO Jack Dorsey. And it was done despite internal pushback from other departments.

“I’m struggling to understand the policy basis for marking this as unsafe,” wrote a Twitter communications executive in an email to Gadde and Roth. “Can we truthfully claim that this is part of the policy?” asked former VP of Global Communications Brandon Borman. His question was answered by Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker—a former top lawyer for the FBI and the most powerful member of a growing cadre of former FBI employees working at Twitter—who said that “caution is warranted” and that some facts “indicate the materials may have been hacked.”

But there were no such facts, as Baker and other top Twitter executives knew at the time. The laptop was exactly what the Post said it was, and every fact the Post reported was accurate. Other major media outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post would begrudgingly admit as much 18 months later, after Joe Biden was ensconced in the White House.

If there were no hacked materials in the Post‘s reporting, why did Twitter immediately react as if there were? Because long before the Post published its first laptop story, there had been an organized effort by the intelligence community to discredit leaked information about Hunter Biden. The laptop, after all, had been in federal custody since the previous December, when the FBI seized it from the computer repair shop. So the FBI knew very well that it contained evidence of straightforward criminal activity (such as illicit drug use) as well as of corruption and influence-peddling.

The evening before the Post ran its first story on the laptop, FBI Special Agent Elvis Chan sent ten documents to Roth at Twitter through a special one-way communications channel the FBI had established with the company. For months, the FBI and other federal intelligence agencies had been priming Roth to dismiss news reports about Hunter Biden ahead of the 2020 election as “hack-and-leak” operations by state actors. They had done the same thing with Facebook, whose CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted as much to Joe Rogan in an August 2022 podcast. As Michael Shellenberger reported in the seventh installment of the Twitter Files, the FBI repeatedly asked Roth and others at Twitter about foreign influence operations on the platform and were repeatedly told there were none of any significance. The FBI also routinely pressured Twitter to hand over data outside the normal search warrant process, which Twitter at first resisted.

In July 2020, Chan arranged for Twitter executives to get top secret security clearances so the FBI could share intelligence about possible threats to the upcoming presidential election. The next month, Chan sent Roth information about a Russian hacking group called APT28. Roth later said that when the Post‘s story about Hunter Biden’s laptop broke, “It set off every single one of my finely tuned APT28 hack-and-leak campaign alarm bells.” Even though there was never any evidence that anything on the laptop was hacked, Roth reacted to it just as the FBI had conditioned him to do, using the company’s hacked-materials policy to suppress the story as soon as it appeared, just as the agency suggested it would, less than a month before the election.

Suspending the President

The erosion of Twitter’s content moderation standards would continue after the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, reaching its apogee on January 8, 2021, two days after the Capitol riot. That is when Twitter made the extraordinary decision to suspend President Trump, even though he had not violated any Twitter policies. As the Twitter Files show, the suspension came amid ongoing interactions with federal agencies—interactions that were increasing in frequency in the months leading up to the 2020 election, during which Roth was meeting weekly with the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. As the election neared, Twitter’s unevenly applied, rules-based content moderation policies would steadily deteriorate.

Content moderation on Twitter had always been an unstable mix of automatic enforcement of rules and subjective interventions by top executives, most of whom used Twitter’s censorship tools to diminish the reach of Trump and others on the right through shadow banning and other means. But that was changing. As Taibbi wrote in the third installment of the Twitter Files: “As the election approached, senior executives—perhaps under pressure from federal agencies, with whom they met more as time progressed—increasingly struggled with rules, and began to speak of ‘vios’ [violations] as pretexts to do what they’d likely have done anyway.”

After January 6, Twitter jettisoned even the appearance of a rules-based moderation policy, suspending Trump for a pair of tweets that top executives falsely claimed were violations of Twitter’s terms of service. The first, sent early in the morning on January 8, stated: “The 75,000,000 great American Patriots who voted for me, AMERICA FIRST, and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will have a GIANT VOICE long into the future. They will not be disrespected or treated unfairly in any way, shape or form!!!” The second, sent about an hour later, simply stated that Trump would not be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

That same day, key Twitter staffers correctly determined that Trump’s tweets did not constitute incitement of violence or violate any other Twitter policies. But pressure kept building from people like Gadde, who wanted to know whether the tweets amounted to “coded incitement to further violence.” Some suggested that Trump’s first tweet might have violated the company’s policy on the glorification of violence. Internal discussions then took an even more bizarre turn. Members of Twitter’s “scaled enforcement team” reportedly viewed Trump “as the leader of a terrorist group responsible for violence/deaths comparable to Christchurch shooter or Hitler and on that basis and on the totality of his Tweets, he should be de-platformed.”

Later on the afternoon of January 8, Twitter announced Trump’s permanent suspension “due to the risk of further incitement of violence”—a nonsense phrase that corresponded to no written Twitter policy. The suspension of a sitting head of state was unprecedented. Twitter had never taken such a step, even with heads of state in Nigeria and Ethiopia who actually had incited violence. Internal deliberations unveiled by the Twitter Files show that Trump’s suspension was partly justified based on the “overall context and narrative” of Trump’s words and actions—as one executive put it—”over the course of the election and frankly last 4+ years.”

That is, it was not anything Trump said or did; it was that Twitter’s censors wanted to blame the President for everything that happened on January 6 and remove him from the platform. To do that, they were willing to shift the entire intellectual framework of content moderation from the enforcement of objective rules to the consideration of “context and narrative,” thereby allowing executives to engage in what amounts to viewpoint discrimination.

Private companies, of course, for the most part have the right to engage in viewpoint discrimination—something the government is prohibited from doing by the First Amendment. The problem is that when Twitter suspended Trump, it was operating less like a private company than like an extension of the federal government.


Among the most shocking revelations of the Twitter Files is the extent to which federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies came to view Twitter as a tool for censorship and narrative control. In part six of the Twitter Files, Taibbi chronicles the “constant and pervasive” contact between the FBI and Twitter after January 2020, “as if [Twitter] were a subsidiary.” In particular, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security wanted Twitter to censor tweets and lock accounts it believed were engaged in “election misinformation,” and would regularly send the company content it had pre-flagged for moderation, essentially dragooning Twitter into what would otherwise be illegal government censorship. Taibbi calls it a “master-canine” relationship. When requests for censorship came in from the feds, Twitter obediently complied—even when the tweets in question were clearly jokes or posted on accounts with few followers.

Some Twitter executives were unsure what to make of this relationship. Policy Director Nick Pickles at one point asked how he should refer to the company’s cooperation with federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, suggesting it be described in terms of “partnerships.” Time and again, federal agencies stressed the need for close collaboration with their “private sector partners,” using the alleged interference by Russia in the 2016 election as the pretext for a massive government surveillance and censorship regime operating from inside Twitter.

Requests for content moderation, which increasingly resembled demands, came not only from the FBI and DHS, but also from a tangled web of other federal agencies, contractors, and government-affiliated think tanks such as the Election Integrity Project at Stanford University. As Taibbi writes, the lines between government and its “partners” in this effort were “so blurred as to be meaningless.”

The Deputization of Twitter

After the 2016 election, both Twitter and Facebook faced pressure from Democrats and their media allies to root out Russian “election meddling” under the thoroughly debunked theory that a Moscow-based social media influence operation was responsible for Trump’s election victory. In reality, Russia’s supposed meddling amounted to a minuscule ad buy on Facebook and a handful of Twitter bots. But the truth was not acceptable to Democrats, the media, or the anti-Trump federal bureaucracy.

In 2017, Twitter came under tremendous pressure to “keep producing material” on Russian interference, and in response it created a Russia Task Force to hunt for accounts tied to Moscow’s Internet Research Agency. The task force did not find much. Out of some 2,700 accounts reviewed, only two came back as significant, and one of those was Russia Today, a state-backed news outlet. But in the face of bad press and threats from Democrats in Congress, Twitter executives decided to go along with the official narrative and pretend they had a Russia problem. To placate Washington and avoid costly new regulations, they pledged to “work with [members of Congress] on their desire to legislate.” When someone in Congress leaked the list of the 2,700 accounts Twitter’s task force had reviewed, the media exploded with stories suggesting that Twitter was swarming with Russian bots—and Twitter continued to go along.

After that, as described by Taibbi, “This cycle—threatened legislation wedded to scare headlines pushed by congressional/intel sources, followed by Twitter caving to [content] moderation asks—[came to] be formalized in partnerships with federal law enforcement.”

Late in 2017, Twitter quietly adopted a new policy. In public, it would say that all content moderation took place “at [Twitter’s] sole discretion.” But its internal guidance would stipulate censorship of anything “identified by the U.S. intelligence community as a state-sponsored entity conducting cyber-operations.” Thus Twitter increasingly allowed the intelligence community, the State Department, and a dizzying array of federal and state agencies to submit content moderation requests through the FBI, which Chan suggested could function as “the belly button of the [U.S. government].” These requests would grow and intensify during the Covid pandemic and in the run-up to the 2020 election.

By 2020, there was a torrent of demands for censorship, sometimes with no explanation—just an Excel spreadsheet with a list of accounts to be banned. These demands poured in from FBI offices all over the country, overwhelming Twitter staff. Eventually the government would pay Twitter $3.4 million in compensation. It was a pittance considering the work Twitter did at the government’s behest, but the payment illustrated a stark reality: Twitter, a leading gatekeeper of the digital public square and arguably the most powerful social media platform in the world, had become a subcontractor for the U.S. intelligence community.


The Twitter Files have revealed or confirmed three important truths about social media and the deep state.

First, the entire concept of “content moderation” is a euphemism for censorship by social media companies that falsely claim to be neutral and unbiased. To the extent they exercise a virtual monopoly on public discourse in the digital era, we should stop thinking of them as private companies that can “do whatever they want,” as libertarians are fond of saying. The companies’ content moderation policies are at best a flimsy justification for banning or blocking whatever their executives do not like. At worst, they provide cover for a policy of pervasive government censorship.

Second, Twitter was taking marching orders from a deep state security apparatus that was created to fight terrorists, not to censor or manipulate public discourse. To the extent that the deep state is using social media companies like Twitter and Facebook to subvert the First Amendment and run information psy-ops on the American public, these companies have become malevolent government actors. As a policy matter, the hands-off, laissez-faire regulatory approach we have taken to them should come to an immediate end.

Third, the administrative state has metastasized into a destructive deep state that threatens to bring about the collapse of America’s constitutional system within our lifetimes. Emblematic of the threat is the fact that “the intelligence community” has proven itself incapable of not interfering in American elections. The FBI in particular has directly meddled in the last two presidential elections to a degree that should call into question its continued existence. Indeed, the FBI’s post-9/11 transformation from a law enforcement agency to a counter-terrorism and intelligence-gathering agency with seemingly limitless remit has been a disaster for civil liberties and the First Amendment. We need either to impose radical reforms or scrap it entirely and start over.

The late great political scientist Angelo Codevilla argued that our response to 9/11 was completely wrong. Instead of erecting a sprawling security and surveillance apparatus to detect and disrupt potential terrorist plots, we should have issued an ultimatum to the regimes that were harboring Al Qaeda: you make war on these terrorists and bring them to justice or we will make war on you. The reason not to do what we did, Codevilla argued, is that a security and surveillance apparatus powerful and pervasive enough to do what we wanted it to do was incompatible with a free society. It might defeat the terrorists, but it would eventually be turned on the American people.

The Twitter Files leave little doubt that Codevilla’s prediction has come to pass. The question we face now is whether the American people and their elected representatives will fight back. The fate of the republic rests on the answer.


Researchers identify this mammal as latest potential cause of climate change, suggest balancing species | Fox News

How Long Until Someone in Power says ‘this particular population of Humans – in this particular area – are hurting the environment; they are breathing more – they walk too much – they sing at night for no reason … their cooking is polluting too much … we must *BALANCE* this population. [How long until this happens??]

Here is the article that prompted my thoughts:

Researchers suggested that moose were contributing to climate change by effecting vegetation growth and the carbon cycle in Norwegian forests. They claim these animals are a potential cause of climate change, suggest balancing species…


Look, we do need to be better stewards of our precious Planet Earth … our Home…but the current path being pushed is not the way to do it. I repeat – we do need to  be better stewards – but the current path is not the right one.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

The China Wuhan Market Virus COVID 19

The China Wuhan Market Virus COVID 19

It seems like a lifetime ago, but in the early stages of this Pandemic – long  before any opinions declaring [publically anyway] that this was an act of man – something engineered in a laboratory – I was telling my friends that I believed it was so … this is from a laboratory, I said. The observations all point to selective properties in the virus that are unmistakably ‘engineered’.

I have no joy in being correct; I am thankful to understand my instincts and reasonings were ‘on point’.

And, sadly, I will add today: Man’s End, through this stage of Mankind on Earth … will come from Evil Minded Men [and, God will clean it up for the next chapter].

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

I get all kinds of stuff – as we all do – ‘following me around’

This shows one real problem w the world … I have an appointment for cancer diagnosis – I have only received the  name and address by USPS Mail … never looked at the address – never sent the name via email or text, no smart machines like ‘Cora or Sari’ or other talking boxes – etc. etc.

I got up this morning and decided to Google where exactly the place is in a nearby business park address … I put in 3 (three) key strokes [“116”] in Google maps and look what came up instantly – the very first entry [!!]:


Crazy times.

I get all kinds of stuff – as we all do – ‘following me around’ – lately ads for HAM Radios and Equipment [to be expected – it’s been all over my email and searches]… but it’s still very, very, very bad. Worse than ever …

I’m Just Sayin’ … .



Great Things Happen One Step At A Time.

Forgive this most unexciting recommendation … I do write from my heart when impressed to and this is one of those instances when an idea continues to be present in my heart and my thinking – even if it seems ‘trivial’.

I will likely be snickered at again for posting this idea; I posted it similarly – a few years back. It has to do with something many of you can relate to – be it in your own life experience – or by the experience you observe in the life of a friend or family member. Considering the chaos in the world today – indeed it is a small matter; and yet, it seems there is value in changing it … because we can [and ought to].

PRESCRIPTION BOTTLES – Dozens and even Tens of Dozens – large and small plastic bottles here, there, and everywhere …  in most every home in America – and more and more come each month!


It seems a trivial matter – and yet, I beg you consider just how many of these bottles are choking our environment – plastics that are really, really, really harsh and bad for us, and for the Earth.

The millions and millions [and my own many dozens] a year – will surely out last me – choking landfills and our oceans – hurting, even very literally, our precious wild life and eco systems  … and so needlessly; not to mention the disgusting waste and harm in the manufacturing processes.

One single leader and forward thinking man or woman – cause a shift – EASILY – and help us move to a more sustainable, eco friendly, model where we use and reuse GLASS Rx Bottles.

Look, it won’t change the world – but it sure will help and maybe even begin a trend. Why not? Look what was achieved in NYS and other states with Disposable Plastic Grocery Bags!!!! [some say ‘silly’]

The politics were miserable … some stores even ridiculously had to have us reach into our pockets to pay a nickel or dime per bag – for good old fashioned brown paper bags … Even so, it was the better way to go … and, we adjusted.

I love that animals, fish, and the Earth in general are not choking on all those bags – even my grocery bags – any longer.

Let’s stop tossing millions and millions of Rx Plastic Bottles in the trash!

Yes, only a small part of the problem – but great things happen one step at a time.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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Introducing – I’m Just Sayin’ … .

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As I begin this endeavor, I declare that there are absolute truths; and I say that in direct response to some who smile and snicker as they would have the world believe that we [men and women of faith from all religions] are crazy – opposite their ‘make it up as we go along’ logic …situational ethics … and ‘anything goes if it feels good’ – lifestyles. Too many say ‘we don’t want, need, or believe in God’; I say He has been with us from Adam through today, and, that He led good men and women to found and build this great country. I believe He lives, leads, and guides us, and it, in our endeavors … if we have faith.

Thanks For Stopping By

Oh, AND – – Yes! We Do Need God! [At least, I do… ]

Want to read more? Read my coming book.

I Am,


I Am Already Here…By Gerald Lombardo

Biden family, Hillary Clinton, so many more … and the highest and most powerful men in China


I read this article and it threw me into silence and pause. I invite you to read it – it says so much more than I can  and it’s facts … not speculation which each can measure and judge for themselves.

Biden family, Hillary Clinton, so many more … and the highest and most powerful men in China and the Chinese Government. Someone needs to follow the money and influence – from these years … forward.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .


World’s mental health care needs urgent makeover: WHO

Why not address the problems that are causing the mental health issues?

Let us work to a return of ‘old fashioned’ Values. Let us, by all efforts, rebuild the Family in the traditional sense. Saying the truth that the best family and home environment for every child is the nuclear family … mother, father, children – and even better – grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles! To say this is not racist or phobic or discriminatory or hateful. No, the world is not perfect and not every child can have such benefit – and yet, we need to recognize it is a standard to aim for and keep. Our societies – and now with Internet – our ‘society’ is ill. Mentally ill and so many – too many – are overwhelmed. It is a poverty of Spirit – a hunger from the heart. We are in a time of famine as our bodies get fat. Stronger families [of all kinds] will help address our mental health crisis.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

The World Health Organization released a major report on mental health worldwide and its importance with member states pledging to take action on the results

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released its most comprehensive review of the world’s mental health in over 20 years with an action plan that every WHO state member has signed to transform mental health care, according to a recent press release.  

“Everyone’s life touches someone with a mental health condition. Good mental health translates to good physical health and this new report makes a compelling case for change,” said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. 


Disney’s ‘Lightyear’

Disney’s ‘Lightyear’

Why does ‘Disney’ insist on a same-sex kissing scene at all? Why did they do this to the new Star Trek Spin Offs a few years back [I stopped watching…  and am a forever fan of Star Trek – I wrote a composition about it somewhere below in the past]. It’s indoctrination.

This indoctrination, this selling of homosexuality and transgenderism has become so disgustingly blatant ..

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

At least some say ‘no!’. “Lightyear” has been banned in Malaysia and other Muslim countries after Disney refused to cut a brief same-sex kissing scene from the animated film.



Some Oregon school books contain pornographic imagery of sex acts

Some Oregon School District books contain topics on transgender ideology and sexually explicit materials.

An Oregon mom stopped her children from attending over what she called ‘indoctrination’

Books in at least three high schools, Milwaukie, Adrienne C. Nelson, and Clackamas contain depictions of sexual activities, including oral sex.

This is from a story on Fox news – I add it to underline my short composition about Hollywood, Media, ‘selling’ [indoctrinating] our children (including especially ‘Entertainment’, ‘News’, … all forms of media). They used to sell tobacco, alcohol, and sex – now they sell homosexuality and this transgenderism.

Home Schooling is the best path today for children if a family can achieve it.

I’m Just Sayin’ … .

From Fox News – https://www.foxnews.com/media/oregon-school-district-books-contains-pornographic-sex-acts

A Cancer Trial’s Unexpected Result: Remission in Every Patient

I came across this headline and just felt it was an outstanding piece to post:

A Cancer Trial’s Unexpected Result: Remission in Every Patient



It was a small trial, just 18 rectal cancer patients, every one of whom took the same drug.

But the results were astonishing. The cancer vanished in every single patient, undetectable by physical exam, endoscopy, PET scans or M.R.I. scans.

Dr. Luis A. Diaz Jr. of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, an author of a paper published Sunday in the New England Journal of Medicine describing the results, which were sponsored by the drug company GlaxoSmithKline, said he knew of no other study in which a treatment completely obliterated a cancer in every patient.

“I believe this is the first time this has happened in the history of cancer,” Dr. Diaz said.

Dr. Alan P. Venook, a colorectal cancer specialist at the University of California, San Francisco, who was not involved with the study, said he also thought this was a first.

A complete remission in every single patient is “unheard-of,” he said.

These rectal cancer patients had faced grueling treatments — chemotherapy, radiation and, most likely, life-altering surgery that could result in bowel, urinary and sexual dysfunction. Some would need colostomy bags.

They entered the study thinking that, when it was over, they would have to undergo those procedures because no one really expected their tumors to disappear.

But they got a surprise: No further treatment was necessary.

“There were a lot of happy tears,” said Dr. Andrea Cercek, an oncologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and a co-author of the paper, which was presented Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Another surprise, Dr. Venook added, was that none of the patients had clinically significant complications.

On average, one in five patients have some sort of adverse reaction to drugs like the one the patients took, dostarlimab, known as checkpoint inhibitors. The medication was given every three weeks for six months and cost about $11,000 per dose. It unmasks cancer cells, allowing the immune system to identify and destroy them.

While most adverse reactions are easily managed, as many as 3 percent to 5 percent of patients who take checkpoint inhibitors have more severe complications that, in some cases, result in muscle weakness and difficulty swallowing and chewing. Editors’ Picks There’s a New Gerber Baby and Some Parents Are Mad Priced Out of Flying This Year? These New Low-Cost Airlines (Might) Offer a Deal ‘The Wire’ Stands Alone Continue reading the main story

The absence of significant side effects, Dr. Venook said, means “either they did not treat enough patients or, somehow, these cancers are just plain different.”

In an editorial accompanying the paper, Dr. Hanna K. Sanoff of the University of North Carolina’s Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, who was not involved in the study, called it “small but compelling.” She added, though, that it is not clear if the patients are cured.

“Very little is known about the duration of time needed to find out whether a clinical complete response to dostarlimab equates to cure,” Dr. Sanoff said in the editorial.

Dr. Kimmie Ng, a colorectal cancer expert at Harvard Medical School, said that while the results were “remarkable” and “unprecedented,” they would need to be replicated.

The inspiration for the rectal cancer study came from a clinical trial Dr. Diaz led in 2017 that Merck, the drugmaker, funded. It involved 86 people with metastatic cancer that originated in various parts of their bodies. But the cancers all shared a gene mutation that prevented cells from repairing damage to DNA. These mutations occur in 4 percent of all cancer patients.

Patients in that trial took a Merck checkpoint inhibitor, pembrolizumab, for up to two years. Tumors shrank or stabilized in about one-third to one-half of the patients, and they lived longer. Tumors vanished in 10 percent of the trial’s participants.

That led Dr. Cercek and Dr. Diaz to ask: What would happen if the drug were used much earlier in the course of disease, before the cancer had a chance to spread?

They settled on a study of patients with locally advanced rectal cancer — tumors that had spread in the rectum and sometimes to the lymph nodes but not to other organs. Dr. Cercek had noticed that chemotherapy was not helping a portion of patients who had the same mutations that affected the patients in the 2017 trial. Instead of shrinking during treatment, their rectal tumors grew.

Perhaps, Dr. Cercek and Dr. Diaz reasoned, immunotherapy with a checkpoint inhibitor would allow such patients to avoid chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. New Developments in Cancer Research Card 1 of 6

Progress in the field. In recent years, advancements in research have changed the way cancer is treated. Here are some recent updates:

Pancreatic cancer. Researchers managed to tame advanced pancreatic cancer in a woman by genetically reprogramming her T cells, a type of white blood cell of the immune system, so they can recognize and kill cancer cells. Another patient who received the same treatment did not survive.

Chemotherapy. A quiet revolution is underway in the field of cancer treatment: A growing number of patients, especially those with breast and lung cancers, are being spared the dreaded treatment in favor of other options.

Prostate cancer. An experimental treatment that relies on radioactive molecules to seek out tumor cells prolonged life in men with aggressive forms of the disease — the second-leading cause of cancer death among American men.

Leukemia. After receiving a new treatment, called CAR T cell therapy, more than a decade ago, two patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia saw the blood cancer vanish. Their cases offer hope for those with the disease, and create some new mysteries.

Esophageal cancer. Nivolumab, a drug that unleashes the immune system, was found to extend survival times in patients with the disease who took part in a large clinical trial. Esophageal cancer is the seventh most common cancer in the world.

Dr. Diaz began asking companies that made checkpoint inhibitors if they would sponsor a small trial. They turned him down, saying the trial was too risky. He and Dr. Cercek wanted to give the drug to patients who could be cured with standard treatments. What the researchers were proposing might end up allowing the cancers to grow beyond the point where they could be cured.

“It is very hard to alter the standard of care,” Dr. Diaz said. “The whole standard-of-care machinery wants to do the surgery.”

Finally, a small biotechnology firm, Tesaro, agreed to sponsor the study. Tesaro was bought by GlaxoSmithKline, and Dr. Diaz said he had to remind the larger company that they were doing the study — company executives had all but forgotten about the small trial.

Their first patient was Sascha Roth, then 38. She first noticed some rectal bleeding in 2019 but otherwise felt fine — she is a runner and helps manage a family furniture store in Bethesda, Md.

During a sigmoidoscopy, she recalled, her gastroenterologist said, “Oh no. I was not expecting this!”

The next day, the doctor called Ms. Roth. He had had the tumor biopsied. “It’s definitely cancer,” he told her.

“I completely melted down,” she said.

Soon, she was scheduled to start chemotherapy at Georgetown University, but a friend had insisted she first see Dr. Philip Paty at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Dr. Paty told her he was almost certain her cancer included the mutation that made it unlikely to respond well to chemotherapy. It turned out, though, that Ms. Roth was eligible to enter the clinical trial. If she had started chemotherapy, she would not have been.

Not expecting a complete response to dostarlimab, Ms. Roth had planned to move to New York for radiation, chemotherapy and possibly surgery after the trial ended. To preserve her fertility after the expected radiation treatment, she had her ovaries removed and put back under her ribs.

After the trial, Dr. Cercek gave her the news.

“We looked at your scans,” she said. “There is absolutely no cancer.” She did not need any further treatment.

“I told my family,” Ms. Roth said. “They didn’t believe me.”

But two years later, she still does not have a trace of cancer. Correction: June 5, 2022

Using information provided by a patient, an earlier version of this article misstated which year a participant in a drug trial was diagnosed with rectal cancer. Sascha Roth was diagnosed in 2019, not 2018.


I found this on a Reddit site – it is from a NYT Article https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/05/health/rectal-cancer-checkpoint-inhibitor.html?smtyp=cur&smid=fb-nytimes


Pizza Hut features ‘drag kids’ book for children as young as kindergarten

I forgot!

I wrote ‘now it’s not just Hollywood but Hollywood and Media – selling Homosexuality and Transgenderism [scroll a couple stories down].

I forgot to include CORPORATIONS! They are in it too!

I’m Just Sayin’… .

Pizza Hut is promoting a book about “drag kids” as part of its summer reading program for children in pre-Kindergarten through third grade. These types of themes are being driven hard by a number of entities – including governments, school systems, supermarkets, ice cream brands – it’s an agenda driven cabal – I don’t like that word but it is what it is. A very powerful group of people – evil people – are trying to remake the world to their own liking. Personally, I find refuge in my Church. The best we can do for our children is help them develop a spiritual foundation and a testimony that God lives; help them feel His Holy Spirit in their hearts and follow the guidance. Admit and recognize with them that there is good and evil – and help them know the difference. Teach each of them that they are special and precious – each a child of God. Teach them to set themselves apart from the chaos and traps of the world.

That is my very personal two cents; my own testimony.

Here is just one example of these agenda driven, widespread, efforts in this story from Fox. [by the way – FOX, CNN – all of them are ‘agenda driven’ and biased – I just use the story lines as points of departure].


Hollywood is selling homosexuality [and ‘transgenderism’].

Hollywood is selling homosexuality [and ‘transgenderism’].


Yes, Hollywood is selling homosexuality; and this other madness called, for lack of another term – ‘transgenderism’.


I was so grateful to learn that some States are finally making it criminal for adults to do this to children. It is criminal. It is child abuse. It seems to have taken our country forever to see what is happening. I have been way out front on these issues and writing of them for well over a decade.


Some say Hollywood, in the early days, sold sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In a way, I suppose that’s true. In the early days though, remember it was *mostly alcohol and tobacco – and they were very successful at it.

*I know it was more; they influenced – maybe especially – women … beyond using alcohol and tobacco – they set the fashion standards –  high heels, lipstick, face makeup – even promiscuity [for men and women]. Hollywood set the norm for millions and millions.


They portrayed lies – and we all watched our TV’s, listened to the radios … and we were convinced, without ever thinking about it, that every one – smoked cigars, cigarettes, pipes … and drank whisky, wine and beer and ‘everyone’ had sex before marriage. 


America saw it on TV – every day – and the use of those things  increased astronomically! Kids, younger and younger, believed the lies they saw in front of their faces in movies, on TV, Magazines, and Radio.


What do you suppose happened?


Yes, of course, more kids [and more adults too!] drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes and experimented with sex at younger and younger ages. ‘Good Ole’ Madison Avenue Salesmanship – polluted the entire social landscape.


Yes, Hollywood sold sex, alcohol, and tobacco – and set the social standards that replaced our own moral judgment.


Now, it’s selling homosexuality and this evil minded transgenderism.


And, now – it’s not only Hollywood – it is Hollywood and The Media. And again, make no mistake – they are selling it and having generations of kids believe that ‘everyone’ has people who live those lives, espouse those beliefs – living next door or upstairs. We are brainwashed to believe lies are truths.


The powers that be would have us believe these and other behaviors are NORMALeveryone is like this AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO.

[I need to add for those who don’t know me that I’ve nothing against people choosing who they wish to be – but don’t push it on me, or our children, or others. Period.]


Our kids don’t know better – they’re kids … and they are being brainwashed in plain sight.


Years ago, many people of various Religions – people who believe in, and have faith in, a biblical God – turned to home schooling.


Generations of young children were taught at home and were spared the perils of public education.


Today, public schools are worse; the problem is not just a small slant on education – it is, in the true sense of the word, Indoctrination.


Generations of our children are being brainwashed.


I am grateful that parents are beginning to wake up and see the dangers – parents all over the country are taking on public school boards and teachers to stop the runaway – absolutely blatant and runaway brainwashing of our precious children.


It’s not enough.


I think it’s mostly a lost cause [trying to take back public schools]. I hope I am wrong – I received an excellent education through grade 6 of the NYC Public School System. PS 90. [Then politics caused forced busing, rioting in the streets – we lost King and Kennedy].  I think people should be able to pay their school taxes to the schools of their choice but I am not a politician.


Not every family can Home School – but if you can – it may be worth a family discussion to consider Home Schooling.


The facts are not comforting when it comes to our Public Schools. In insidious ways, agenda driven people – one individual at a time – are working very hard to change outcomes – to bend all to their narrow and twisted views as they work to change the foundation of the Country [to the detriment of us all].


Not widespread conspiracy – as some assumed – to steal an election for example – but individuals – each with the same agenda – acting ‘independently’ and yet … genuinely in concert. That’s for another discussion.


Even so, the result on the landscape of our cities and towns is the same. The end result is no different than as if this group acted together – in a conspiracy. In reality, however, they act individually – breaking the rules to achieve the collective agenda.

[And, a sizable portion of it adds up to tilting perceptions and changing the way our children think and view the world].


Flash Cards here, a Vote there, a series of children’s books, games, toys …an early morning tv show … some people here who overlook this,  some there who enforce that here but not there … . It may not be a legal conspiracy …but it is a conspiracy [of evil].


That result? The messages get to our kids (and adults as well).


Take a look at the image below and the few paragraphs.  These are what prompted this post. They are a small and simple example. The radical ideas in the headline(s) may not be in the official guidelines or charters of these schools – we may ‘technically’ … legally – have a few materials banned … but then here comes some of those individuals I referred to … and they use methods and agenda’s – as individuals but in quiet cahoots with other evil minded individuals – in examples like this:

LGBT themed cards a preschool teacher was using to teach kids colors (NC State Rep. Tim Moore)


A NC state representative said a concerned constituent emailed her about the cards that were being used to teach preschoolers colors. The State Rep – Erin Pare contacted the principal of the elementary school to verify the use of the cards in class. 


The principal located the cards in the preschool classroom and verified with the teacher that they had been used to teach colors.

When I look at that image on the left  – I don’t see ‘a pregnant man’. Men can’t be pregnant.


I don’t see a pregnant man but I don’t see (the color) ‘White’ either.  [I am an odd bird]. What of a child though? What does a child learn from these subtle cues? What is the subliminal message – and the direct message?


This is just the tip of the iceberg. People of this agenda have found their ways into the foundations of this great country. Discrimination laws made it easy – those national anti-discrimination laws changed the landscape of the country.


People of minority views – people in the very low percentages by numbers in our populations …became OVER represented in the halls of power and began [with Media] to influence … the moral standards of our Country [and even the world].

Those with these agenda’s have influence via the classrooms – from Kindergarten through the University years – plus they control opinions across all Media platforms – and they are ensconced in all forms of government.


It’s hard to believe so small a number of people hood winked an entire country. Today, the tail does wags the dog.


In a conversation with my Bishop, loosely about the speed of the rate of the decay in society, the rocket path of rising chaos in the world –  we agreed is unprecedented,


He referred to Scripture. I smiled, as did he, when the conversation took a turn … we both agreed too … that ‘we read the book‘; we know how it all comes out.


We win.


I’m Just Sayin’ … .